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Season 13

Episode 44

( Im The Law Here)

Mu Feiran watched as the guards pulled Mo Huilings mother away.

"How long do you want to continue pestering on?"

Mo Huilings mother snorted, having a hint of complacency in her eyes.

How about it? From how panicky Mu Feiran looked earlier, was she scared?

This was really what must be done for Mu Feiran to know how formidable she was.

Mo Huilings mother narrowed her eyes and said, "Ill pester you until you return the child to our Mo family."

If Mu Feiran dared, she could go ahead and say that the child didnt have the Mo familys blood in her!

The eyes of Mo Huilings mother was filled with provocation, but it was true that Mu Feiran didnt dare to say that.

It wasnt for herself, but for the child.

She didnt wish for Yunyuns identity to be ridiculed by other people. It would bring too much harm to her.

Mu Feiran was in the entertainment circle and knew that any small matter would definitely be magnified and discussed by others.

Although Yunyun was still young now and didnt know what all this was about or what it all meant, when she got older and found out about this, shed definitely be hurt.

Mu Feiran had to bear with things.

More and more security guards had come, and by this time, the other people in Golden Brilliance had already told Black Eagle about this.

"Boss, I think I saw your sister-in-law outside."

Black Eagle was dealing with his work. He looked up. "My sister-in-law?"

"Your sister-in-law! Miss Mu."

Black Eagle immediately stood up. "Shes here?"

"Something happened. There are many reporters crowding around her."

Black Eagle immediately broke the pen he was holding. "Dare to come to my place to kick up a racket and bully my woman?"

Seeing that Black Eagles countenance had turned grim, the few of them felt that things were bad.

Black Eagle was really angry.

"How did Mo Huilings mother let you down that you have to do this to you? Putting aside that you had him leave without anything after the divorce, youre even taking the child away with you." Mo Huilings mother screamed, and the reporters immediately went up to her.

"Is what you said true?"

"Did Mo Ding go through with the divorce without getting anything?"

"Who was the one to initiate the divorce?"

"Why did they get a divorce?"

Back then, a press conference was held to simply announce that the two of them had been divorced. The matter ended at that, and no explanation had been given thereafter.

It was only now that the reporters recalled that there were many mysteries behind their divorce.

Seeing that all the reporters had been drawn to her, Mo Huilings mother snorted and said, "Our Mo Ding divorced her because he couldnt stand her. Our Mo Ding was the one to bring it up, and even left without taking anything with him. I already said that there arent many women in the entertainment circle who are clean, but he didnt believe me. He ended up being tricked and got the worst of it. Right now, theres nothing else were asking for but to get the child back!"

Hearing that, the reporters understood what she was trying to say. Mo Ding was the one to initiate the divorce, as the women in the entertainment circle werent clean.

What unclean thing had Mu Feiran done to let Mo Ding decide to divorce her?

This story was too conversational.

However, at this moment, people suddenly charged over under someones command.

The reporters werent able to react in time when the equipment they were holding were smashed to the ground.

"Hey, why are you beating people up?"

"How can you smash our things?"

"Were reporters. What were doing is legal."

"At my place, Im the law."

A deep voice rang out from behind them.

A few of the reporters immediately turned and took a look when they heard this voice that was filled with a chill.

They felt that just by standing there, Black Eagles appeared so tall that the atmosphere felt suppressing. The spacious hall now felt extremely narrow because of him.

One of the reporters was still calling out, "What right do you have to smash our stuff?"

Black Eagle threw a cold glance toward that reporter.

His sharp gaze immediately made the reporter unable to say a single word.

Black Eagle let out a cold snort. "Because this is my place. Im not allowing you to shoot here as you like at my place."

This was his place

He was this places boss.

The reporters were still thinking of saying something when they saw that the men beside Black Eagle had smashed all their equipment and then threw a lot of cash onto the floor.

"Ill give you monetary compensation. If you dare to publish arbitrary articles, your companies can wait to close down. Dont say that I didnt warn you."

The reporters were stunned at how arrogant Black Eagle was

Who on earth was this guy?

At this moment, someone said, "They are really inexperienced to dare to ask why at Black Eagles place. Are they new? To think that they dont even know Black Eagle."

"Thats right. Theres never a reason to what Black Eagle does. Its only a matter of whether he wishes to or not."

There were some reporters who were quick-witted, and they quickly squatted down to pick up the money.

The equipment belonged to their companies and cost a fortune. They couldnt afford to compensate for them.

This man looked very powerful, and they clearly couldnt afford to offend him. It was best for them to quickly take the money and leave

Mo Huilings mother was also a little stunned. To think that everything was smashed

This man was too domineering.

She stood there and shouted, "To think that you would dare to act like the boss here. You Youre too unreasonable."

Black Eagle snorted and looked at her. "Fool."

His words made Mo Huilings mother turned grim.

Black Eagle walked up next to Mu Feiran. His heart pained when he saw her pale countenance. His brows furrowed deeply into a knot.

He shielded Mu Feiran and said to Mo Huilings mother, "If youve caused enough racket here, then scram. If you dont leave now, then you can forget about taking a step out of this place later on."

Mo Huilings mother looked around. The people around this man should be his subordinates.

She plopped down to the ground, crying out loudly, "Aiyo, look at what a woman you are. No one even knows where your child came from, and whose b*stard child she is. We felt pity for you and just want to help you to bring her up. Not only do you not appreciate our kindness, but youre also even treating me like this."

B*stard child?

A dark layer clouded Black Eagles eyes.

Mo Huilings mother looked at Black Eagle. "Hah, do you think youve gotten your hands on something good? Before she married our Mo Ding, she was already pregnant with someones child. Where did she get so much money from? It was all from being kept by men. Hah, shes already been used by so many people, yet you still want her and want to help bring up her child. Youre really such a fool. Even I feel disgusted for you."

Mo Huilings mother thought, I shall see how youre going to get out from this after I reveal everything in front of so many people.

Youre even a boss. I shall see how you would have the face to still want to be with this woman in front of all your employees.

And this woman, you have a child whose father is unknown, yet you treasure her so much. Lets see how you shall remain arrogant after bringing trouble onto yourself. You think that youve found someone to rely on? You think that youll be able to get married very soon. You even got your shameless mother to publicize that youll marry a rich businessman. Lets see if the rich businessman is still willing to have you.

She looked viciously at Mu Feiran, feeling exhilarated at what Mu Feirans outcome would be.

However, she soon found out that something was amiss.

No one around her showed any reaction. Although Mu Feiran was very angry, she didnt react at all either.

The people watching at the side didnt feel that Mu Feiran was despicable either. Instead, it was as if they hadnt heard anything, and just continued to look at Mo Huilings mother.


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