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Season 13

Episode 43

(Return The Child To Me)

Gu Jingze said, "I cant help myself either. I just want to look at you. Just bear with it."


The staff cried out, "Oh my god, how can your husband be so infatuated with you?"

Lin Che was at a loss for words. "He, he, he, he is sick."

"En, Im lovesick." Gu Jingze added.

The staff cried out, "I cant take it anymore, I cant take it anymore. Why dont I have such good luck to meet such a sweet husband? Moreover, hes also so handsome. Hes really the best man in the world. Ive really been tormented today."

Lin Che looked up at him.

He also looked at Lin Che. "Lets go. Well buy you clothes."

"Ahh, I have a lot of clothes as well. I dont need to buy anymore. Ive brought a lot of them over as well."

"Its fine. I like to see you in them."

He took her hand, their fingers interlocked, and he looked at her sweetly.

The staff immediately introduced to them to the area across them where clothes for women from their same brand, and they were especially good.

"Miss, since your husband says that he wants to buy, then let him. Hes such a good husband to be taking the initiative to buy clothes from you. When did my husband ever ask me that? Sigh, this is the difference between people. Im so envious of you." The staff looked at her and said.

Lin Che smiled and took Gu Jingzes hand, walking out together.

The staff continued to look at them, thinking that they were really close together.

Lin Che and Gu Jingze shopped around for half a day before they went back.

By this time, everyone in the country had already known of the news that Gu Jingze was found.

Many of them felt unsettled to know that Gu Jingze was back safely. However, the fact that he had lost his memories was still being hidden from them.

Lin Che was worried that there might be problems and that accidents might occur when Gu Jingze was on the way back. Therefore, she informed Black Eagle secretly in advance, getting him to make the arrangements for them to head back.

Black Eagle usually liked to stay in Golden Brilliance. It was because he had never liked places like the office. He felt that staying in those places was suppressing and uninteresting, so he liked to bring his work to do at the Golden Brilliance.

On this day, when Mu Feiran was in an event, she received a call to tell her to make preparations. There was an event at night and she had to head to the Golden Brilliance.

When Mu Feiran heard of that place, she was stunned for a moment.

That place

Was Black Eagles.

It was really such a coincidence that she had to go there.

She hadnt expected that the event was really, one that was intended to treat a certain boss to a meal. Quite a number of celebrities were invited, but people from the Mo family had tried to convince them to select Golden Brilliance as the location.

On the way there, Mu Feiran asked her manager, "Who will be attending this event?"

Her manager said, "Sister Feiran, theres no need to worry. The others are all younger celebrities, and youre the most famous one there. There will be Glorious Stars newcomers, a female celebrity from An Nai. Its just a cocktail party for people in the fashion industry. It wont be very troublesome. Well leave after you show your face around to others."

"Oh, theres no need. Im just asking. Theres no need to appear too rushed. Since were already going there, it wont look nice if we leave right after we arrive."

The manager was worried that famous celebrities might not feel happy to attend such meaningless events. It was because, during these events, they tend to need to get into the rich peoples good books.

Thankfully, Mu Feiran had been very cooperative and didnt throw her weight around either. She was quite easy-going.

Hearing Mu Feiran say that, she heaved a sigh of relief and said, "Sister Feiran, youre really good. Other celebrities tend to not like such gatherings."

Mu Feiran smiled. "Its fine. Youre doing this for work us. This is how things are in this industry. Why do I have to make things hard on you."

"Thank you Sister Feiran!" The manager felt very touched. She was really lucky to have Mu Feiran assigned to her from Lin Che, despite that Mu Feiran was such a popular celebrity. Moreover, Mu Feirans temperament was really good.

Mu Feiran thought that since the location was at Golden Brilliance, Black Eagle might be there as well. She lowered her head, feeling a little sweet.

They soon arrived at the location.

The event wasnt interesting, but after Mu Feiran arrived, the rich businessman started to appear very respectful toward her. A few reporters came to take a photo and ended things after getting a simple interview.

The other celebrities didnt have the same influence as Mu Feiran and thus, just stood at the side, not trying to snatch the limelight. Although they didnt feel good about it, there was no helping that Mu Feiran was very popular and had greater seniority. There was no one who could say anything to that.

Mu Feiran found it boring to just sit there and picked up her phone to check her messages. As she was at Golden Brilliance, she uncontrollably scrolled to Black Eagles number.

Touching it and looking at his name already gave him an indescribable sense of satisfaction.

This might be what it meant to have stirring emotions of love.

She had no idea that despite her age, she would suddenly feel such stirring emotions.

It wasnt like she was still a high school student.

However, when she was in front of Black Eagle, she would have the feeling that she was very weak and frail.

It could be because Black Eagle was too strong.

The event ended very quickly.

The rich businessman had wanted to ask Mu Feiran out for a meal.

Her manager immediately stepped forth to reject on her behalf, saying that Feiran had other things on. She had to attend another event and that they could meet up again next time.

Hearing that, the rich businessman gave her face and agreed to meet up if another opportunity were to arise.

The group sent Mu Feiran out. Mu Feiran turned and smiled modestly. All the customers who had passed by and saw Mu Feiran, couldnt help but turn to look at her as well.

This was what a celebrity needed to do. They needed to keep up a faint smile no matter where they went, as long as there were other people around. This was especially when they were attending the various events.

Mu Feiran walked out slowly, but hadnt expected someone to suddenly shout out, "Mu Feiran, why dont you let us see the child?!"

It was Mo Huilings mother.

Mu Feiran was stunned, and the people around were also a little surprised.

Mo Huilings mother dashed in, crying out, "Mu Feiran, youre so heartless. Thats my granddaughter as well. You refuse to let us see her after you brought her away. Now that youve been kept by someone, you still want to bring the child to share the same fate as you? Return the child to us."


There was too much information.

Everyone knew about the story between Mu Feiran and Mo Ding. Was the reason for their divorce because they had fallen out because of the child? And, there was still that talk about Mu Feiran being kept by someone.

Oh god.

The reporters, who had thought that the cocktail party today was a boring one, immediately readied their cameras.

This was big news.

The reporters who had already left would probably all feel regretful when they found out about this tomorrow.

Such big news would definitely be the headlines tomorrow.

Mu Feiran was stunned and only reacted after sensing the cameras lights flashing at her amidst shooting sounds.

Mo Huilings mother dashed up to stand in front of Mu Feiran, grabbing her and fighting her.

The security guards immediately went up to stop her.

Mo Huilings mother shouted, "Mu Feiran, return the child to us. We dont care what despicable things you do."


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