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Season 13

Episode 42

(Torment Others When They Go Out)

He rarely ever praised others, and this made each of his praises so astonishing, and so pleasing.

Lin Che took Gu Jingzes hand and entered the shop.

The two of them held hands, and the staff immediately came up to them.

"Do the two of you wish to take a look at the mens clothing?"


"Are you buying it for your boyfriend?"

Seeing how intimate the two of them were, the staff felt that they should be a couple who were deeply in love.

Lin Che didnt want to explain, but Gu Jingze suddenly said, "Husband."


The staff was a little perplexed at what he suddenly said.

Gu Jingze looked at the clothes and said, "Buying for her husband."



The staff immediately understood and smiled at the two of them. "Oh, the two of you are already married. The two of you looked so young and sweet. I thought that you had just gotten into a relationship. Are you guys newlyweds and in your honeymoon phase?"

Gu Jingze took Lin Ches hand. "No, but were newlyweds every day."


The staff was even more surprised. It was likely because she hadnt seen a man who would speak love-talk in such a straightforward manner, and not shunning others at all.

Gu Jingze didnt care about this and didnt even look at the staff. He kept his eyes on Lin Che. It was as if other than Lin Che, there was no one else who could get his attention. He didnt want to move his gaze away from his woman in the slightest.

Lin Che looked at the clothes. "This piece looks nice. Gu Hubby, go and try this one out."

Gu Jingze said, "Alright."

He went into the fitting room. When he came out, the black casual clothing caused him to exude an evil feeling.

When the staff member saw that, she was also stunned for a moment. She felt that Gu Jingze looked really good in this shirt. It wasnt a piece that their shop had emphasized the marketing efforts on, and the design was considered simple. However, when Gu Jingze put it on, he gave off an extremely cold feeling that was penetrating and pure. It gave off the feeling that the shirt hadnt been done justice when hung up inside. It didnt look ordinary at all after being worn.

Lin Che felt that it looked good as well. There was a saying that clothes make a man. However, this saying had another meaning when applied to Gu Jingze. He would look very different in different clothes. Although he would look especially good in them, he would display different dispositions, giving off the feeling that he was someone who could change to take on different styles.

Lin Che walked over and said, "This looks good. Lets buy it. Hehe."


He was planning to abide by all of Lin Ches wishes. After hearing Lin Che said that, he agreed without any hesitation.

Lin Che then picked up another piece. It was a long shirt. "Try this on as well."

Gu Jingze went into the fitting room again. When he came out wearing the other piece. The staff was astonished once again.

Oh god, unlike the evil feeling given off earlier, he looked just a prince wearing this piece.

Lin Che felt that it looked good, and purchased it as well.

The staff immediately realized that the two of them were rich customers. They would try one piece on, and then buy one. She quickly started to introduce the different items. "This, how about this piece?"

Lin Che said, "No thanks. I like this one."

Lin Che didnt listen to the staffs suggestions but went on to pick out the clothes by herself.

Every piece that she picked out would look especially good when put on.

Even the staff couldnt help but start to admire her judgment. She didnt pick out any of the main pieces in the shop but chose non-mainstream pieces instead. However, every one of them looked especially good when Gu Jingze tried them on.

What they didnt realize was that this had nothing to do with Lin Ches judgment. It was mainly because Gu Jingze was born to look good in everything he wore. Lin Che had only casually picked out a few pieces she liked and the effects on him would all be astonishing.

A short while later, another staff member came over to help them pick out their clothes. Not only was it because she felt that they would buy a lot, but also because looking at Gu Jingze trying out the different clothes seemed as if she was watching a fashion show. He really looked good in everything he wore.

The two staff looked enviously at Lin Che and Gu Jingze. As the couple had picked out a lot of clothes and had been here for very long, the staffs conversations became a lot more relaxed.

One of the staff members said, "Sigh, looking at the two of you makes me want to try getting into a relationship again."

The other said jokingly, "Then go get into one."

"But I cant find such a good man."

"We can forget about finding such a good one. Look at the two of them. The husbands gaze had not left his wife from the very beginning."

"Thats right. They are far too sweet. It makes me feel redundant being here. I should leave the space to the two of them."

Lin Che blushed from their conversation. When she saw Gu Jingze coming out again, she immediately went up to him.

Lin Che said, "Wow, we bought so many pieces unknowingly."

Gu Jingze said, "Its alright. Just buy more if you like."

When the staffs heard that, they felt even more envious. Men were the most handsome in times like this. When they wanted to go on a shopping spree, men would appear extremely handsome when they told their women to just go ahead and buy.

However, these clothes were bought for him, so it didnt seem right.

The staff said, "Your wife is buying clothes for you. Whats there to be happy about that? There are clothes for ladies over there. They are from our shop as well."

Gu Jingze said, "I buy clothes so that she gets to see me in them. If she likes to see them, then well buy."

Aiyoh, buying clothes for her to see Did other peoples views didnt matter?

He really knew how to talk.

Lin Che said, "Stop it. If we continue to buy more, we wont be able to bring them back. I bought too much."

Lin Che didnt usually buy so many things. It was just that she couldnt hold back her urge to buy these things when he looked good in them. However, the most important thing was that he looked good in all the pieces he tried on, and gave off different feelings in them. She liked all of them, and there werent any that she wished to give up on. That was why she had bought so many.

Lin Che said, "Forget it, lets leave. Im not buying more."

Gu Jingze said, "Alright. You must be tired. Lets leave then."

The two of them went to settle the bill together. When the staff saw Gu Jingze and Lin Che sticking so closely together as they walked, as if they were going to be one person, she smiled and asked, "How long have the two of you been married?"

Lin Che said, "Its been many years."

"Youve been married for many years, yet your relationship is still so good. It really calls for envy. Aiyoh, it really felt as if the two of you are in a relationship. My husband and I hadnt even held hands for many years. Even when we walk on the streets, we dont walk next to each other anymore."

Lin Che pursed her lips and smiled, sneaking a look at Gu Jingze. He had kept his eyes on her the entire time, so every time she looked over, their gazes would meet. Lin Che couldnt take it anymore. She felt really embarrassed from his gaze.

She covered her face. "Why do you keep looking at me?"

Gu Jingze said, "Its because you look nice."

The staff was taken by surprise yet again.

Did they have to serve such a couple? It was too tormenting for them.

Lin Che said, "Even so, you cant just keep staring at me like that!"

"Its legal for the husband to stare at his wife, right?"


Gu Jingze said, "I cant help myself either. I just want to look at you. Just bear with it."




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