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Season 13

Episode 20

(Purposing Looking For Trouble)

The people back at her hostel still found it strange, wondering how Su Wan suddenly got her hands on such a dress.

Could it be that she was really being kept by someone in the circle?

Although they despised her, they also felt that she might be becoming popular. To think that people were starting to want to take advantage of her. In the future, would she become the first person out of the four roommates to become popular?

As Gu Jingyu got increasingly engrossed in the filming, he recovered to his previous condition. Lin Che worked very well together with him, and most of their scenes together would pass with just one attempt. When they were any problems occasionally, they would be able to get through it after a bit of a discussion.

Lin Che also sincerely felt that she could learn a lot from filming together with a professional actor like Gu Jingyu. Moreover, the filming process was very comfortable.

The filming for the television drama was about to be completed and could go on air during the best moment for the game. Then, the game and drama could publicize for each other, and it was their goal to achieve this win-win situation.

The games beta testing was about to end, and the official launch was coming soon. Everyone started to become increasingly busy. At night, Lin Che could tell that Gu Jingyu was a bit lost in his thoughts. Thus, she looked at him and asked, "What happened? Have you encountered any problems? What have you been thinking about the whole of today?"

Gu Jingyu said, "Its nothing"

"Theres definitely something on. Come, come, share with Sis-in-law."

"Get lost!"

Gu Jingyu couldnt stand the way she acted as his sis-in-law.

She was supposed to be younger than him.

Lin Che asked, "Is there something troubling you?"

"Thats enough. Youre so small, yet youre thinking of lecturing me."

"Hehe, Im your sis-in-law, after all."

"Haha. If you are going to continue with that, Ill help you to call Second Brother here to let everyone have a look."


The two of them were fooling around when the production manager came rushing over. This was the man responsible for the physical aspects of production, such as logistics management.

Seeing that the two of them were playing around, he didnt dare to disturb them. However, the matter at hand was urgent, and after some hesitation, he walked over and said with a troubled expression, "Sister Che, theres a bit of a problem."

Lin Che turned to look at him. "Whats the matter?"

"Earlier on, the production team from "Soul Enticement" has a filming site that clashed with ours. Right now, they are kicking up a fuss outside to get us to change our filming location."

"Soul Enticement" was a supernatural film. Their current film set was at a filming studio and thus, there were a few times when both production teams would meet.

It was a coincidence that "Soul Enticement" was filmed by Glorious Star, and the female lead was Wu Yufei.

Their previous television drama had lost to the web series that Lin Che was a part of. It was only because the production of their television drama was too coarse, and therefore, Glorious Star had also spent a large amount of money on this show this time to salvage their reputation.

However, to think that they met here

As Lin Che was the producer, she had to be involved in dealing with such trifle matters as well.

Since the production manager was unable to deal with the matters, she would have to take on the job.

As the other party was pushy and unyielding, the production manager felt very helpless as well. He was afraid that there would be trouble and, thus, came to look for Lin Che.

This was why it was troublesome for Lin Che to be both the producer and the leading actress in the show. She had to be constantly at the filming set, playing both the roles of a producer and an actress. During filming, she was an actress, but when she wasnt filming, she would have to take on the job of a producer, taking care of matters around the film set.

The moment Lin Che went out, she saw a few people kicking up a racket there.

"We got to this place first. See? We even have the time schedule for today here. Cant you guys go somewhere else first?"

"Why should we? Weve already set up everything, but youre asking us to shift to somewhere else."

"Who asked you guys to not take note of the time?"

"The time arrangement they gave us is different from the one you have."

"I dont care. You can go and look for them."

There were many production teams filming at the filming studio. This was a popular season for filming, and there were over 20 teams filming here. The filming studios management would make arrangements for each production teams filming location. However, when there were too many people, their arrangements would be a little messed up. This resulted in the timings they were given to clash.

The filming studio should be responsible for this, but right now, they had no other way of dealing with the matter. They could only try to persuade one of the parties to head to another location first.

However, both parties were in a deadlock, refusing to compromise.

When Lin Che came out, they were still quarreling. She walked over. "Whats the matter?"

When the people from Glorious Star saw Lin Che, they became more restrained.

"Sister Che," They greeted her respectfully.

"We were the first to get this location, but your people are hogging the place, refusing to leave. Weve invested over 100 million in this television drama, and money is being spent quickly every day. With this short delay, theres already a lot of money being lost. Can you"

The people from Lin Ches production team said, "Sister Che, weve already set up all the props earlier."

It took quite a lot of time and effort to set up the props and scenery. It would also take time and effort to have them taken down.

Therefore, they didnt wish to give up on the spot.

Lin Che said, "Since we have already set up everything, cant you guys let us quickly finish our shooting before giving up the place to you? The time you spend quarreling with us here is enough for us to finish our filming."

"Hey, Sister Che, that isnt right. I respect you as being a great female celebrity. We cant afford to offend you, but you cant"

Bully people like that.

Although the person didnt say this, the words were clearly written on his face.

They didnt wish to give up on the spot. They were competitors, to begin with, and it was really a small world since they were assigned to the same location. Why did they have to give up on the spot?

The people on Lin Ches side said, "How is that bullying you? Were victims as well."

"This isnt bullying? Thats right. You guys are amazing, with your producer and other people around. Were just the people at the very bottom in the circle who dont dare to offend anyone. However, we have our pride as well. We cant let others easily step over us like this."


They were trying to imply that they had been greatly aggrieved.

But the production team that Lin Che was in had also received the notification to come here to film today. Why did they have to give up on the place?

With both sides not coming to an agreement, someone at the back shouted, "Isnt it just props? Well take them down for you."

"Thats right. If you guys find it troublesome, well help you to take them down."

"Hey, what are you guys doing? What are you guys doing"

Both parties got into a scramble.

The other party got impulsive, wanting to take down the props.

Naturally, the people on Lin Ches side were unwilling to give way either. Both parties seemed as if they were going to get into a fight.

The actors and actresses playing the more minor roles still didnt know what was happening. When they saw people looking like they were starting a fight, someone said, "The people there seem to be from Glorious Star."

"Wow! Then arent they Sister Ches rival?"

The few ladies looked at Su Wan who was at the back.

They had gone out together yesterday, but she didnt share what her benefit was from coming back. They reckoned that it must be something valuable and she didnt dare to share with them.

They felt very envious, yet Su Wan was still cold and lofty, unwilling to tell them.

The few of them exchanged glances and understood what intention they had.


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