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Episode 18

(Why Avoid Him)

Crooked Neck also said, "Moreover, this game is our child. We cant possibly say that we dont want it, right?"

Xue Mengqi had never expected to be refused by these people.

She snorted, thinking to herself, You guys think that youll be able to come across such a good thing again in the future?

She was only trying to save herself some trouble and buy a similar game. It wasnt as if they didnt have the technology as well as the talent to develop their own games.

Having hit a snag here, when Xue Mengqi went back, she immediately said, "Were going to develop games from now on. Our primary competitor will be Genesiss Ray of Light."

When the people at her office heard that, they couldnt help but felt a little perplexed. "Are we going to be challenging Ray of Light directly?"

"Thats right."

"I feel that its better for us to wait for one to two years before we do that. Its because Ray of Light is still very popular at the moment. Theres probably no one who will be able to challenge their status now. After one to two years, Ray of Light will reach its limits, and then, they wont have any more new updates or creativity. Thats when we can definitely surpass Ray of Light if we made another game.

Xue Mengqi said, "By then, Ill be able to earn money from developing any game. Whats the point of setting the goal of surpassing Ray of Light? What I want is now."


Right now, Xue Mengqi urgently needed a successful project to support the Xue familys status.

With the gaming industry being such a hit now, if they created a successful game, their name would definitely spread out. It would be different from other businesses such as dealing with properties, where they quietly earned big bucks.

Therefore, she wanted to rush to do this at this time.

Seeing Xue Mengqi being so insistent, the others could only say, "Then, well do our best to give it a shot."

Xue Mengqi said, "What I want is a definite success, regardless of the means used."

Did that mean that they would have to resort to shady means if thats what it took to defeat "Ray of Light"?

If that was the case, with there being more options to the means they could use, there was a lot more they could do.

Xue Mengqi said, "Go and try to stir things up at the studio for Ray of Light. They are all still university students and should be easy to stir up. If anyone shows signs of loosening, it will be easier for us to make a move from inside."

"Yes." They understood. The plan was to take action from all aspects, bent on crushing "Ray of Light".

Lin Che returned to the film set. Gu Jingyu also returned together with her.

Everyone started speculating about them coming back together.

"Look at Lin Yu and Gu Jingyu. They left together, and came back together."

"Hadnt there been rumors about them a long time ago?"

"But didnt they deny the rumors?"

"Many people would deny the rumors on the surface, and after a few years, announce to the public that they were together."

"Thats true. Moreover, the two of them had known each other for so many years, having worked together for so many films."

"Lin Ches status has already risen as well. The two of them are quite a good match."

Su Wan listened to the discussions at the side, feeling a little perplexed as well.

Lin Yu and Gu Jingyu?

Alright, that might be true.

It was true that they looked very compatible when they stood next to each other. One of them was the best actress-level great celebrity while the other was a national treasure-level big shot. When the two of them were together, they were unlike how they were with others as well. Theyd look especially relaxed as if they were on very familiar terms.

Su Wan couldnt help but think of that night.

If the two of them werent really together, then shed have done something bad to Lin Che.

To be honest, she hadnt done that on purpose.

She felt a little guilty. When she looked at Gu Jingyu, she also kept a far distance away to avoid any awkwardness.

Gu Jingyu was still there reading his script when he saw a figure darting past him.

Gu Jingyu paused for a moment before he raised his head.

"Su Wan."

Su Wan looked up and saw him. She was so shocked that she quickly ran off.

Hah, this woman

The staff from the production crew saw Su Wan fleeing over.

"Why are you running so fast? Do you want to die?"

Su Wan quickly said, "Im sorry, Im sorry. I didnt notice it earlier.

"Who was there earlier? Gu Jingyu?"

When they spoke, Gu Jingyu had already come out chasing after Su Wan.

However, when these people saw Gu Jingyu, they gushed toward him enthusiastically.

"Jingyu, is theres anything you need?"

"Oh, Im looking for"

He looked toward Su Wan, who was about to run away. He then said seriously, "Im looking for someone to help me with something."

"Oh, what is it?"

"The few of you will do, and, the person at the back." He called out to Su Wan.

Su Wan quickly stopped in her footsteps.

What did he want

The few of them quickly pulled Su Wan over.

It was so rare for Gu Jingyu to be looking to others for help.

"Su Wan, come quickly. Arent you free as well? Jingyu is looking for some help."

Su Wan secretly cursed in her heart. It was really impossible to avoid him even if she wanted to.

She could only force herself to turn back.

Gu Jingyu looked at them. "In another few days, Ill be bringing someone to a cocktail party, but I am a little at a loss as to what my female companion should be wearing. Why dont you guys help me out to try out some clothes?"

"Oh, of course, thats alright."

They thought enviously, Gu Jingyu is going to bring a female companion to a cocktail party.

They heard that Gu Jingyu never brought anyone along with him.

And rarely brought a female companion.

They were really envious of the person who was going to be his female companion.

However, even though they couldnt be his female companion, itd be good for them to be able to try out clothes on her behalf as well.

They immediately agreed happily.

Gu Jingyu pointed outside. "Lets go."

The four of them got onto Gu Jingyus car.

Thankfully, it was an SUV that was relatively spacious.

One of them said, "This car costs over 10 million dollars."

"Is that true? Why is it so expensive?"

"Look at these top-notch accessories. These leather seats are all custom-made by big, luxurious brands. Thats why its so expensive."

"Aiyah, Im going to take the chance to touch them more."

Su Wan also sat at the back but didnt say a word. The only thing on her mind was to pretend as if she didnt exist.

Otherwise, when she looked at Gu Jingyu, she wouldnt be able to help but think of that day

At the back.

They soon arrived at the shop.

There werent many clothes inside, and most of them were high-end custom-made clothes with great designs.

Seeing Gu Jingyu coming in with a few ladies, the staff members were all very surprised.

Gu Jingyu had some of his personal clothes made here, so they werent surprised to see him here. It was just that Gu Jingyu had never brought so many ladies to their shop before.

But why did he bring over so many of them at once?

Gu Jingyu said directly, "I want them to help me try on some clothes that Im going to pick out for my female companion."

"Ah, okay"

That was strange. If he had a female companion, why didnt he bring her along for the clothes fitting?

However, rich people had many quirks. It could be that his female companions identity was special and didnt want to show her face.

Therefore, they didnt probe.

The few ladies were very excited. This place looked very high end from afar. They had just entered the entertainment circle and hadnt come to such a great place before.


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