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Season 5

Episode 9

(Beloved joe)

Cherry looked at Jackson with utter surprise on her face. She blurted out, "My brother has been protecting me my whole life until you showed up."

Jackson looked shocked at Cherry's statement. It had left him tongue-tied. He looked deep into Cherry's eyes but didn't know how to respond her.

Derek and Selina looked at each other and both of them laughed at the exchange between the married couple.

"Jackson, I have noticed that Cherry is the only person in the world who could take complete control of such a powerful and arrogant man like you." said Derek, with a loud laugh.

"I agree," Selina also laughed and said, "Cherry, if Jackson is not doing good in the world, you should educate him and ensure the 'political correctness' of his actions."

"That will never happen!" Cherry helplessly shook her head and said, "He listens to me only occasionally. In most cases, I am the one who has to listen to him."

"Wow, you and Jackson are so sweet and affectionate," exclaimed Selina, as she looked at Cherry, her eyes filled with jealousy. They had a relationship that everyone would envy.

"You and Wilson are sweet and affectionate too, aren't you?" teased Derek, before Cherry could reply.

"Brother, can you just shut up?" said Selina, pouting at him with her big brown eyes.

The four had been chatting together so happily with each other that they lost track of time. Their burst of laughs were spreading outside the whole office, audibly.

All of a sudden, the elevator door opened and Wilson walked out holding Joe's hand.

The moment Joe saw his dad and mom sitting together, he got excited and happily shouted, "Daddy, Mommy." Hearing their son's voice, Jackson and Cherry looked at the door simultaneously.

"My little Joe," shouted Cherry, with a smile on her face.

The appearance of Joe also brought a smile to Jackson's face.

"It seems that everyone has been waiting for Joe and I to arrive," teased Wilson.

"You are absolutely right. Especially my sister, who couldn't wait any more to see you," smiled Derek, as he shook hands with Wilson to greet him.

"That's not the case," said Selina, flirtatiously while blushing. She then hastily walked to Wilson and took his hand roughly.

Wilson looked at Selina and in a tender voice said, "I went to pick up Joe, so I came here a little bit late. I'm sorry for making you wait."

"I know, Cherry has told me. Don't worry, I am not angry," said Selina, in her sugary sweet voice, who then cozied herself in Wilson's arms.

Wilson smiled with relief and didn't say a word.

When he was snuggling in his mom's chest, Joe looked up into Cherry's eyes and asked, "Mommy, what are we eating tonight?"

"What do you want to eat? We have a wide range of options but we will all listen to you." said Cherry, with a smile on her face.

"Yes, Joe, you can make an important decision today," said Derek, while looking at Joe lovingly.

"Really?" Joe couldn't believer his ears. With disbelief, he took a glance at Derek and turned to look at his dad and asked, "Daddy, is that true that I can make the decision today?"

Jackson nodded his head cheerfully.

"I really can't believe that you adults are letting me call the shots," said Joe, with surprise in his voice.

Derek smiled and patiently explained to Joe, "Joe, you can make an analysis like this. I, Selina and your uncle Wilson all listen to your Daddy, but your Daddy will listen to your Mommy. However, your Mommy loves you most, so..."

"So you all will listen to me!" said Joe. He was so happy that he did a tiny dance around the room.

"You're right! You are such a genius," said Derek.

"Okay, then I have to think about what to eat." Joe pondered for a while and then said, "How about we have Cantonese food?"

"That's great! I have also been craving Cantonese food," supported Selina.

"Then let's go to a Cantonese restaurant," echoed Wilson. He was always the understanding one in the group, going along with everyone else's choices.

"Let's leave immediately!" they all said and got into their cars.

They chose a high-end restaurant and chose a private room to sit together.

There was no work, no disturbance from other people and each of the six members was very happy. When they saw the happy smiles on Joe's face, Cherry and Jackson were also happy.

Derek and Wilson amused him and made him laugh from time to time by pulling funny faces. Selina completely forgot about the pressure at work and relaxed herself entirely. All of them enjoyed the moment.

The dinner went on for a long time as the friends happily chatted and dined. It had stretched to more than an hour. When Cherry saw that Joe was yawning, she asked him concernedly, "Joe, are you tired? Do you want to go home?"

"Yes, Mom. I played for too much time in the afternoon activity class and I am very tired," said Joe, while leaning against Cherry rubbing his eyes.

"Then let's go home," said Cherry. She glanced at Jackson to see his opinion. Jackson nodded in agreement.

"Okay. We all are stuffed and it's time to go home now!" said Selina, happily.

"Okay," Derek looked at Selina and Wilson and said, "Then, Wilson, please send my sister home."

"Brother, I can go home by myself. I don't need anyone's help," said Selina hastily with a hint of derision.

Wilson smiled and replied Derek, "Okay, I will send her home safely. Please rest assured that she will be taken care of."

Hearing what Wilson said, Derek nodded his head and he was satisfied. He then turned to Selina and said, "Are you caring for him? You don't want him to be too tired, do you?"

"Brother, what are you talking about?" pouted Selina at Derek. She wondered since when her brother had made fun of her. She was the person supposed to tease him and make fun of him, thought Selina.

"Haha, don't deny it! I know what you are thinking of," Derek helplessly shook his head and said, "I will leave you in Wilson's care from now on."

Selina didn't say a word, but felt happy at this brother-sister banter.

Jackson looked at Derek and said, "Rest assured. I am certain that my brother-in-law will take good care of Selina."

"I certainly feel assured about it. They have you and Cherry as a model couple in front of them, I am very relieved they have someone to look up to," Derek smiled and said.

"Derek, don't make fun of us," rose Cherry's voice.

"Okay, okay, whatever you say," said Derek, while looking at Cherry. He then turned to Joe and pretended to be serious when he asked, "Good boy, Joe, tell me who has the final say in your family? It's your Mommy, am I right?"

"Of course! My Mommy is the greatest!" shouted Joe.

Cherry smiled and happily held her son's hand and said, "Let's go home now!"

When they got back home, Cherry said to Jackson, "You go take a shower and I will tuck Joe in and then come back soon."

Jackson was unwilling to leave Cherry. He reluctantly said while caressing her cheek, "Be quick, my love! Don't leave me waiting for too long."

"Yes, don't worry. As soon as he is asleep, I will be back. He is still so little and I feel uneasy about making him sleep alone," said Cherry.

Jackson nodded. When he saw Cherry walk into Joe's room, he smiled softly and went into his own bedroom.

In Joe's room, Joe lay on the bed, while Cherry sat beside him.

"Mommy, when will Selina be my aunt? When will she get married to my uncle?" asked Joe, innocently.

"Let me think," Cherry pondered for a while and then said, "After Selina meets your grandpa and grandma and once they approve of her, she can marry your uncle Wilson."

"Really? Then I will have lots of red pockets and wedding candies, won't I?"

Joe opened his eyes wide with joy and looked at his mom, waiting for the confirmation.

"Of course! You can ask for red pockets from your uncle and Selina too. They will both agree," said Cherry, with a smile on her face.

"Then, I will have lots of pocket money," Joe looked hopefully forward and went on, "Then I will have enough money to buy you a gift."

"I don't need any gift. You can save the money and spend it on something you really want," smiled Cherry.

"My good boy, sleep now! You will have to go to school tomorrow morning!" said Cherry, as she tucked Joe in.

"Good night, mom!" Joe then closed his eyes and fell asleep in a minute.

After a while, seeing her son was asleep, Cherry walked out of his room quietly.

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