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Season 5

Episode 41

(She didn't know (1)

It was six o'clock in the morning when Jackson came back home. Cherry wasn't completely asleep yet. She opened her eyes and raised her head when she heard the door opening, seeing Jackson walk into their bedroom.

"Honey?" asked Cherry gently, sitting up on the bed.

"Did I wake you up?" Jackson walked towards the bed and sat down, taking Cherry into his arms.

"No, I wasn't asleep. I was waiting for you," she said, snuggling into Jackson's chest.

"You need to go to work later. Why don't you have a good rest?" Jackson softly reproached his wife, and his heart ached for her.

"Honey, what about the butler?" Cherry finally asked the question that had been burning on her mind.

"He was in a car accident and died. I told Derek to arrange his funeral affairs. After all, he took care of Grandpa for so many years, I need to do this, for the sake of Grandpa," replied Jackson.

Nodding in acknowledgement, she affirmed, "Yes, you're right."

Jackson remained silent and she went on, "Then what about the tokens? Did you find them?"

"No, the butler died and we didn't get any information from him." Jackson shook his head. "Derek and I have to figure out another way to get the tokens. Fortunately, Derek quieted things down about the residential compound being robbed. If Eric and Jonson knew that, they would probably come talk to me about the tokens."

"The residential compound has never been robbed before, right?" inquired Cherry.

"Yes. Generally speaking, the residential compound is a safe place, but the butler could easily get in and out of it. The guards at the door didn't think of him as a thief since he has lived there for decades," replied Jackson.

"So, why did he do that? The Chu Family was not mean to him, and it seemed that he wasn't short of money, then what's the reason? Why does he have to betray the Chu Family?" Cherry continued to inquire, unable to figure it out by herself.
"It's likely to be his ambition. He wanted to get the tokens and wield the power," he said thoughtfully.

"Honey, if he had not betrayed the Chu Family, he could have still lived in the residential compound even if Grandpa was gone, right?" she asked.

"Yeah, I intended to give the house in the residential compound to him, but I didn't expect that he would betray us," replied Jackson. Cherry snuggled closer, feeling the safety of her husband's embrace.

Lily had already made breakfast ready when the two eventually came downstairs. Cherry smiled. "Lily, go upstairs and wake Joe up, please," she requested.

"Yes, Mrs. Cherry," replied Lily politely.

Jackson and Cherry then sat in the dining room, eating breakfast while waiting for their son.

"Oh, honey," A thought struck Cherry. "I found a piano teacher for Joe: an old classmate from high school, Amy. She is very nice and friendly, and she's agreed to teach Joe how to play the piano."

"Really? How interesting that you'd meet your high school classmate just as you're looking for a piano teacher," replied Jackson in a pleasant tone.

"Yeah, it must be fate. I haven't seen Amy for so many years, and I didn't expect that I could meet her again. And she said that she could give an extra half hour of piano class if she will teach Joe in the future," said Cherry with a smile on her lips.

"Then give her more salary; it's not easy to be a tutor," Jackson added.

"I did, but she didn't accept it. I paid for half a year's tuition to the training school, and she can start to teach Joe in a few days when the piano moves into the house. What do you think?" asked Cherry, glancing at her husband.

"Well, I think you can handle these things well. Don't need to ask my opinion."

Jackson nodded. There was no need for him to worry about these things because Cherry could solve them so well.

"I know that," replied Cherry, and as she finished, Joe came down.

"Daddy, Mommy, why didn't you wait for me for breakfast?" Joe pouted, sitting at the table, and he started to eat his meal.
"Then why did you sleep in? You can have breakfast with us if you could get up earlier," replied Cherry with a smile. She was always happy when she saw her lovely son.

"I can't! It's very painful to get up early! Oh!" Joe exclaimed, making a helpless gesture.

His mother softly stroked his head and smiled, saying, "Have your breakfast. Mommy will take you to school later, okay?"


After breakfast, Jackson watched his wife and son leave for school. He then drove to the bar.

Upon arriving at the bar, Jackson sat in his office and thought for a while before he called Bobby's phone.

"Hey, Mr. Jackson."

"Come to the bar if you are not busy now, I have something to talk to you about," Jackson said calmly.

"Ok, Mr. Derek have mentioned something like that. I'll be there in a bit," replied Bobby.

Jackson hung up Bobby's line and then dialled Derek's number.

"What's up, Jackson?" Derek answered the phone in a few seconds.

"Where are you now?" Jackson asked.

"I'm in the JS Group, helping Selina with business affairs, " replied Derek.

"Come to the bar after you finish that, there is something needed to be discussed with you, " said Jackson.

"Ok, I'll come over when I'm free."

Jackson hung up the phone and remained in his office to wait for Bobby.

Half an hour later, Bobby knocked



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