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Season 5

Episode 27

(The departure (2)

Cherry explained, "I worry about you. You know how nightclubs are! Full of chaos, and unruly people, with fights and people hurt."

Jackson caressed Cherry's cheek as he smiled down at her saying, "You don't have to be worried. Remember, as the boss of the new JC Group, I don't meddle in nightclub issues. I have employees to deal with things like that. Plus," when Jackson paused, his smile grew wider, then he went on, "You and Joe are much more important to me than work. I know what I want, so don't worry, Cherry."

Cherry's eyes reflected the sweet swelling in her heart brought on by Jackson's words.

She nodded, "I believe you."

Jackson hugged Cherry to him and whispered in her ear, "You are my only love, forever."

Jackson's honeyed words made Cherry long to stay in his warm hug and that blissful moment forever.

They stood there on the sidewalk with only the night sky and few street lamps watching; hugging each other a long time. Finally, Jackson loosed his grip and took her by the hand before resuming their walk.

Strolling alongside Jackson, Cherry asked, "Jackson, will you do me a favor?"

"Of course, you just need to ask." Jackson murmured softly.

Cherry said, "Don't change the bar where Emily worked, please, keep it the way it is."

Glancing sideways at Cherry's profile, Jackson felt a twinge of pain. He knew Cherry still missed Emily. Five years had gone by, but Cherry would held a special place in her heart for Emily.

Jackson asked, "Cherry? Do you still miss her?"

Cherry responded without hesitation, "Of course I miss her. She was my best friend, and I could never forget her. No matter how many years since she was taken from me."

Jackson tenderly clutched Cherry's shoulder, trying to draw the pain from her.

"She's at peace and in Heaven now," Jackson comforted her, "watching over us, to keep us safe."

Cherry looked at the stars twinkling, "Yes, I think you're right, she's up there, smiling down at us."

Cherry silently called out to Emily, feeling a mix of happiness and sadness in her heart, 'Emily, have you watched over me from Heaven above? I miss you, so much, everyday! I really miss you.' she felt tears welling and fought them back, smiling internally, 'Don't worry about me, dearest Emily. I have a good life with Jackson. He's taken excellent care of me, and Joe. My sweet, adorable Joe.

Have you looked down from Heaven and seen them yet, I wonder?'

Two days later, Cherry accompanied by Jackson and Joe, went to see Stephen off at the airport.

Stephen smiled as he looked at the three of them admiringly, "I'm glad the three of you are so happy."

Joe's cute smile widened, and his eyes sparkled with genuine happiness, "Uncle Stephen, please come back and visit Mommy, Daddy and me lots!"

Stephen tousled Joe's hair affectionately, smiling back, "Okay, I will! Promise me something too Joe; always remember to study hard and be well behaved. Don't disobey your parents."

Joe puffed up his chest proudly as he promised, "Of course I will! You do know that I'm always a good boy, Mommy said so."

Stephen looked at him fondly before turning to Jackson, "I need to board now.

Don't forget to run the Anshi Group well, after all, my blood, sweat, and tears went into the establishment and development of my successful company."

Jackson nodded, "Of course I will. Don't you trust my capacity?" he asked with a confident tone, and cocking an eyebrow, grinning.

"Of course I do! I know that when you set your mind to it, there is nothing is you can't achieve!" Stephen's smile remained as he spoke.

"Well," Jackson said smiling. The appearance of Jackson's smile was the first one Stephen had seen since they were much younger. Jackson hoped Stephen would leave his worries behind him. Neither had forgotten their friendship from childhood, nor that Jackson was sincerely sorry for what happened. Stephen knew Jackson would think twice before making rash choices in the future, if, he was lucky enough to be included in Stephen's future.

Stephen was relieved to see Jackson smiling. He turned to Cherry next.

Cherry smiled at Stephen, "Don't forget to get in touch with me when you arrive safely."

"Okay, okay, I won't forget." chuckled Stephen nodding. He stopped all the chatter and just stood there staring a moment, because all he wanted was to bless her in his heart. He felt it the greatest honor was being her friend.

"Take care of yourself and enjoy what life brings you in the future. Remember, If you need anything, don't hesitate to let us know! We'll be right there at your side." Cherry paused, breathing in when she felt herself becoming emotional, she went on, "If you fall in love, don't hesitate to pursue the lucky lady. A man should have a lifelong partner."

"Don't you worry about me. I know what to do in future. Don't worry." Stephen pretended to be stronger than he felt right that moment.

The tears that had been threatening Cherry began rolling down her cheeks, as she thought back, and remembered Stephen had said those exact words to her five years ago. At that time, though, Cherry was the one leaving and Stephen the nostalgic one. Stephen genuinely told her back then, to take care, to forget the painful past and try to find happiness. Five years had gone by since then, and now it was Cherry's turn to see Stephen off. Maybe life was just a like a bus full of passengers, while some got off and would stay, other times they would climb back on and be gone for a while, or forever.

As stephen work away, cherry couldn't stop herself from crying.

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