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Season 5

Episode 26

(The departure (1)

After work, Wilson and Cherry went straight to the JS Group.

Jackson and Derek were waiting for them in Selina's office.

"Wow! You're here early!" said Wilson surprised.

Derek shrugged, "We've only been here few minutes."

Cherry went and sat next to Jackson. Selina came in with coffee and served one to each person.

Derek announced, "Okay, let's get down to business. We've handled the issues with Stephen. So, what's next?"

Selina added to what her elder brother said, "We've calmed the JS Group's staff and I'm in the process of reorganizing the business department. This will give us the ability to fulfill what we planned, so, now we should discuss our future."

Jackson injected, "Since the the JS Group problems are resolved, we can give our full attention to dealing with the Anshi Group."

Wilson agreed, "Jackson, will you be renaming the Anshi Group and reorganizing the staff when you take over?"

"Of course, the name of the company should be changed." Derek said, "By the way, I believe the news that Stephen transferred all his property to Jackson is common knowledge already."

Wilson said, "If that's the case, we should decide quickly. The managers at all the nightclubs affiliated with the Anshi Group along with the staff should be replaced."

Selina asked Jackson, "Jackson, do you have any names in mind to change of the Anshi Group to?" Jackson's idea was important.

Cherry turned to Jackson too, but she was silent. As his wife, Cherry was there at his support, not to challenge his decisions.

Jackson glanced at Cherry before turning to Derek, "How does the JC Group sound?"

"The JC Group?" Selina was so surprised that she repeated the name.

Derek didn't comment, instead he nodded and said, "Okay, It sounds good. I'll handle this. What else do we need to do?"

Jackson directed, "Meet with all the managers, and reinforce that they are to follow their normal routines. If any of them disobeys, you are free to decide the repercussions."

Derek nodded, "Got it."

Wilson told him, "Jackson, after Stephen's surrender, remaining businessmen are aware that they should support you."

Jackson remained confident, "That's why I went after Stephen."

Wilson was confused, "Why didn't you attack the ZM Group? The JS Group would have been likely to win."

Jackson didn't answer.

Derek believed Wilson knew there was something between Jackson and Mond, after all, Wilson was Cherry's elder brother and Selina's boyfriend. Derek thought Wilson was a good person, so, he told Wilson, "It's because Jackson never wanted to attack Mond."

Wilson was even more confused, "But, Mond is obviously gunning for Jackson." Cherry stopped Wilson from asking, "Wilson, just trust Jackson and Derek and let them handle this."

Wilson realized Jackson and Derek had their reasons for how they were handling this, so he listened to Cherry and didn't ask anymore questions.

"Well then, Jackson and Derek will handle the Anshi Group's problems, and I'll deal with the the JS Group." Selina said, "Everything will be handled, so there is nothing to stress about at the JS Group."

Derek nodded, "Good! I believe in you." Jackson turned to Selina, "There aren't any financial problems at the JS Group, right?"

"Of course not, I read the financial statements every day. The financial department recently had to deal with mountains of issues, but, don't worry, they are handling it." Selina shared the current situation at the company with Jackson and the others present.

Jackson was delighted with the update, but was still worried and reminded her, "Selina, remember to keep your eyes on the business as well as the financial department."

Selina nodded, "Okay, got it."

After the partners finished their meeting, they went their separate ways. Cherry and Jackson went home, and found their dear son watching cartoons in the living room.

When Joe saw them walk in, he cheerfully ran to his Mommy, "Mommy, finally, you are home! Why are you so late?"

Cherry took his hand, replying, "We are so late because we went to visit your aunt Selina."

"Both of you went to the JS Group?" Joe asked.

"Yeah, so did your uncle Wilson," said Cherry.

"Oh! Uncle Wilson went to see aunt Selina too?" Joe was upset, and pouted, turning his lip down, "Mommy, why didn't you tell me about your party? I would've wanted to go too!"

Cherry patiently explained to Joe, "There wasn't a party, Joe. We were discussing important business details."

Joe had heard his Daddy had taken over of the Anshi Group, and realized what they had been doing.

"Oh, all right then." Joe slightly pouting, but not as upset about being left out. Lily approached to inform Cherry, "Madam, the dinner is ready."

"Okay, thank you, Lily." Cherry nodded. The family had a quiet, yet relaxing meal together. Afterwards, Joe went to do his homework in his room.

Jackson was unwinding, sitting on the couch as he flipped through a magazine when Cherry came up to him and asked, "Will you go for a walk outside with me?"

Setting the magazine aside, Jackson stood up and turned, "Now?"

Cherry nodded.

"Okay Babe, let's go." Jackson put his arm around Cherry's shoulder and the two left for a walk.

There weren't many people out walking at that hour, and fewer cars passed, as Jackson and Cherry strolled down the sidewalk.

Cherry asked, "Do you really want to take over all Stephen's nightclubs?"

"Of course, why not?" Realizing Cherry was worried about something, Jackson felt the urge to comfort her, but since he didn't know what was bothering her; he didn't know what to say.

Cherry said, "It never dawned on me that you would own nightclubs."

As Cherry told Jackson her concerns, he stopped walking. He turned to Cherry, looked her in the eyes, and asked, "What are you worried about, Cherry?"



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