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Season 5

Episode 21

(Mommy, I am fine (2)

"Don't stress about it, Babe." Jackson interjected as he took a bite of food, "My son is so smart that he doesn't need to study hard every day." He turned to Joe as he said, "My boy, study when you want to study and play when you want to play, just like I did."

"Okay Daddy, I will do that." said Joe beaming and clapping his hands.

Cherry scowled at Jackson's advise. She looked at Jackson angrily, "Jackson, since when have you been the one to decide about Joe's education?"

"All the time." said Jackson, indifferently, taking another bite, "Like right now. I am teaching my son."

"Daddy's right, and I am listening to what Daddy's teaching me," Joe added to Jackson's comment. He knew his Mommy was angry, but he still stood up to her, defending his Daddy because he thought his Mommy was beautiful when she was angry. He agreed with her though in his heart.

"Joe..." Cherry cried out, the tone of her voice was stern and she turned her angry gaze onto her smiling son, "You are my son and you will obey me!"

"But, I'm Daddy's son too. Where would I be without Daddy?" argued Joe.

"You..." Cherry clamped her mouth shut instead going further; at a complete loss for what to say.

"Mommy, I'm not denying I'm your son, 'cause I'll always be your son. But for this time, can you just calm down and listen to Daddy, and let me study the way I want for school?" said Joe, in an aggrieved tone as he looked pleadingly at his Mommy. All he wanted to do was happily play with his friends. He got such headaches when it came to reciting ancient poetry, and it was so boring that he wasn't interested in learning it now.

Joe always wished his Mommy to be less strict about his study.

"No!" Cherry sternly said as she shook her head. She looked into Joe's eyes chiding him firmly, "Joe, if you slack off in school, I won't do those little things that you like! I won't be there to get you from school, I won't make your favorite meals, and I won't help you anymore."

"No Mommy! Don't do that!" Joe shouted worriedly. He certainly didn't want his Mommy to stop doing all the sweet things for him.

Jackson smirked, pulling Cherry closer to him, firmly trapping her within his arms, and whispered into her ear, "Don't serve that little rascal anymore. Serve only me! I look forward to it."

Jackson's grin grew larger as he spoke.

Joe heard what his Daddy was saying to his Mommy, and he was worried and blurted out, "Mommy, I promise, I will listen to you.

I will work hard at school! I will behave and help with housework in my spare time!"

Cherry hadn't paid attention to what Jackson said. Hearing Joe's pleading though made her smile again, "I knew you were joking, you are such a brat at times. I trust that you will study hard and do well. Now, finish up quickly, and you can watch one hour of cartoons. After that, you must go to your room and finish your homework."

"Yes, Ma'am!" Joe responded, before going back to eating quietly.

Jackson felt somewhat dejected, 'No one paid attention to what I said?' he asked himself.

So, he caressed Cherry's cheek lightly, "Didn't you hear what I said?"

"I heard you." Cherry commented dismissively. She continued focusing on her meal, and in an aloof manner, she informed him, "My son's education is much more important, so I will continue to serve my son."

Cherry brushed Jackson's hand away and ate in silence.

Jackson shook his head helplessly, but, he was delighted. He liked the atmosphere when they were together, laughing and teasing each other. His son was maturing, and Cherry was always so virtuous and understanding. It was exhausting looking after Joe at times. He was becoming more roguish by the day. However, as long as his little family was together, they could overcome any problem that cropped up.

After dinner, Joe did exactly what his Mommy had said. He watched cartoons for one hour, before shutting the tv off, heading up to his room to work on homework. Jackson relaxed on the couch while he waited for Cherry to finish up in the kitchen.

After Cherry finished tidying the kitchen, she headed to the living room and saw Jackson sitting there alone. As she walked over to him, she asked, "Did Joe go up to his room?"

"Yes, after watching cartoons for an hour, he went upstairs," replied Jackson. Cherry was just within reach, and he stretched his arms out and pulled Cherry down on his lap.

Cherry snuggled against Jackson's chest, feeling cozy and secure. Just as she was relaxing, she had a thought, "How is the company faring?"

"The business department has been affected slightly, but, the other departments are doing well. Selina is handling everything properly," said Jackson.

"What about outside influences? When I was at work today, I heard some rumors from my colleagues." said Cherry worriedly.

"Outside influences won't pose a problem," Jackson paused, "As long as..."

He hesitated longer this time as he thought, and then went on, "Well, nothing will affect the company negatively, as long as Mond doesn't do something damaging. I still could control everything."

"Jackson!" shouted Cherry abruptly.

"What?" replied Jackson.

"I'm worried about you!" Cherry told him, looking up into his eyes. She had a look of concern as she thought about it. Cherry was frightened for Jackson because no one knew what Mond might do next, and she was afraid Mond would try to hurt Jackson.

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