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Season 5

Episode 18

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In a private room of a high-class restaurant, Jean and Joe sat and enjoyed their meal together.

Staring at the sweet boy who was sitting next to her, Jean asked him in a gentle tone, "Didn't your Mommy take you out lately to have some delicious food?"

"She did, but I still wanted to eat with you, Auntie," replied Joe.

He looked up at her from his bowl, and continued to ask, "Auntie, what have you been doing lately?"

"Nothing. I'm free these days," answered Jean.

"Oh, Auntie, have you read the news today? It seems that something happened to Auntie Selina's company."

After he finished uttering his words, Joe still kept his eyes on Jean, because he wanted to see her reaction and calculate what was about to happen next.

Jean couldn't help but open her eyes wide, and asked surprised, "Do you know about that too?"

"Yes, it's headline news. How could I not know about it?" said Joe, and nodded.

"Joe, that's something that concerns the adults. You don't need to worry about any of it," said Jean. She had no intention of telling any of these things to Joe, because he was still just a small boy.

"But Auntie Selina is the closest person to my Daddy and Mommy, and I'm still worried for her. What will happen to Auntie Selina now?" asked Joe.

When she saw Joe's worried face, Jean suddenly seized his hand, and said with concern in her voice, "Joe, listen to me, you really don't have to worry about that.

The true target of the ZM Group is not your Auntie Selina."

"It's my Daddy, right?" Joe eventually couldn't help himself from asking.

"Have you known about that all along?" Jean was astonished, because she had never expected that he would ask her such a question. 'Does Joe know everything about what's really going on?' wondered Jean.

"Yes. I know that there's some bad blood between the man called Mond and my Daddy. He even tried to approach my Mommy to have his revenge on my Daddy," said Joe, and after he paused for a moment, continued, "And my Great-Grandpa's death also has something to do with him."

At that moment, Jean didn't seem to care anymore about how much of the truth Joe actually knew, and instead immersed herself in her own thoughts.

After a while, she started to say word by word, "Yes, ever since Mond had returned to the city five years ago, he had begun to organize and carry out his plan. There was only one target for him in sight, and that was your Daddy."

"Auntie, why does he have to fight against my Daddy? What kind of hatred do they have with each other?" quickly asked Joe when he saw that Jean was still in the mood to leak out information.

"I don't know," answered Jean while shaking her head, "They may be the only people who actually know the reason for that."

"They?" Joe felt a bit puzzled by Jean's words, and wondered, 'Who are they?' "Yes, they: Sally, Stephen," said Jean firmly, "Also Derek."

Because she had stayed at his side for so long, Jean was sure inside her heart that she knew about almost all the things that concerned Mond. She knew what kind of life Mond had lived and some things about his past, but she knew nothing about his hatred towards Jackson and their dispute. If she was correct, then his background had to be related to Jackson. Or maybe Mond had started a feud with the Chu Family because of his background.

"Does Uncle Derek know about that too?" inquired Joe surprised.

"There is nothing that he doesn't know about your Daddy," said Jean. After she gradually recovered from her own thoughts, she stared at Joe, and said, "Joe, maybe there are some things that your Mommy doesn't know about, but Derek has to know about everything. This is the only lesson that I've learned during my time with Mond."

Considering what Jean said, Joe replied, "Anyway, Daddy has a good relationship with Uncle Derek. I heard from my Mommy that they grew up together, so they had to be great buddies."

But Jean paid no attention to Joe's words while he was speaking. Instead she just gazed at him and continued to say, "Joe, believe me, I can say that you and your Mommy are safe now. But you are not supposed to interfere in those dangerous affairs any more, because some other people know how to deal with them already, and they will do it by themselves. You can just live as you usually did before. You don't need to worry about these things."

Joe found sincerity in Jean's eyes, and realized that his Auntie wasn't deceiving him for a second.

Joe instantly felt somewhat lost in his heart. He had went out with Jean on purpose, but it was obvious that Jean treated him with all of her heart, which made Joe feel pretty guilty because of his act. He couldn't help but wonder if he could treat her with the same sincerity as she did, and even though she had done something that had hurt his Mommy, she was at least sincere in front of him.

"Okay," said Joe, "I know, Auntie."

"Good boy," replied Jean, as she softly touched Joe's head.

Holding hands, Jean and Joe then went for a walk in a nearby park after they finished their lunch.

Joe suddenly said, "Auntie, can I ask you a question?"

Jean stopped walking. She then turned to Joe, and after she looked at him, she slowly crouched down to him.

"Joe, what kind of question do you want to ask me?" said Jean with a smile on her face.

Joe stared at Jean boyishly, and asked her, "Auntie, why do you treat me so well?"

Jean's face immediately changed when she heard Joe's question. She then smiled again, and focussed all of her attention on answering Joe's question. "Because I love kids," she said, "I always feel happy and at ease when I see small kids."

Gazing into Jean's eyes, Joe felt that she had been very conscientious when she had answered his question, and that every sentence and even every word that she said had been filled earnest to the brim. It seemed that Jean was older than his Mommy, so she should have had a kid too.

"Auntie, you're older than my Mommy, but why don't you have a kid?" asked Joe.

After she heard Joe's words, a cold shiver suddenly ran down Jean's spine.

She then suddenly moved her hands away from Joe and stood up. After she turned her back to him, she silently started to gaze at the nearby flowering shrubs in the park.

"Auntie, what's wrong?" asked Joe. He felt confused, because Jean's act and expression had showed him that something had gone wrong with her, but Joe still couldn't figure out what was the exact reason for that.

Jean didn't speak a word anymore.

Much time later, Jean finally broke her silence, and said "Joe."


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