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 🤕💔In Love With My Best Friend🤕💔

(But abused my husband)

     💔🤕Episode 27💔🤕

💔(I want you back)💔

Two Weeks Later♥️
Eliza's POV ♥️

‘I don't know she just won't stop crying'..I groaned as Melissa's face turned red due to tears...

‘Well have you fed her??'..Lucas asked and I frowned..

‘You don't think I have??!'..

‘Whoa chill will you?? Well try burping her or something'..He suggested again but instead my irritation grew the more..

‘You don't think I want to?? I've done everything possible but she's still crying like....Ughhh!!!'..I yelled in pain and he took her from my hands...

He moved slowly and gently and within a second she stopped crying..

‘Are you kidding me?!! she's been crying in my arms for hours and now you take her she stops?!'..I exclaimed and he chuckled .

‘Maybe she likes her Uncle Lucas more than you'..He said and I rolled my eyes..

Ever since I gave birth Lucas and Miley have been tremendously helpful from taking care of Miley to doing my laundry and everything..

They've just been great and real friends..

‘So what's next??'..Lucas asked..


‘No I mean what's next?? What are you going to do after Melissa grows?? You can't stay idle forever can you??'..He said and I sighed deeply..

‘Honestly I don't know,ever since we grad—

‘You just kept your degree in a box Eliza! I mean you have a first class upper in Micro finance! Shouldn't you be in a bank or owning your own firm or something?!!'..He interrupted me..

‘It is not as easy as you think Lucas,I mean i got married immediately after highschool and became a full time housewife for three f**king years and you don't think I know that?? I opened a restaurant and I couldn't even keep it working for two days!'..I cried out and just then the doorbell rang..

‘This is all because you've got a controlling bastard of a husband, I'll go check who's at the door'..He grunted and walked away..

Few minutes later he came back with a bad look on his face with someone I least expected..


‘What are you doing here Damien??'.. I asked just as I stood up..

‘I..I came to see you and the baby'.He replied with his eyes glazed with tears and I gulped hard...


‘Eliza I want you back in my life,I want you back'..He said ..

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