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 🤕💔In Love With My Best Friend🤕💔

(But abused my husband)

     💔🤕Episode 26💔🤕


Lucas's POV ♥️

‘Oh shit I'm on my way!! You don't have to worry I'm on my way!'..I yelled at the top of my voice as I went into my car looking for my car keys..

‘Please come over quick Lucas she needs you'..Miley begged over the phone..

‘Wh..But..But what about Damien?? isn't he supposed to be there with her??'..I asked as I ignited the car's engine and came out of the parking lot...

‘Well he isn't picking my calls and I called his PA but she said he was more concerned about his meeting than Eliza'..She replied and I hung up..

That motherf**king bastard!!..

How can he be so unconcerned about his own wife??..

What kind of a human being doesn't even care for his wife even when she's in labor?!..
I warned Eliza not to marry that bastard but she was too stubborn now look at his stupid behavior when she's in labor..

Minutes Later ♥️
‘Who are you looking for??'..The nurse asked me and I panted heavily..

‘Uhhh Elizabeth something I can't remember her name but she was rushed in here a minute ago,she's in labor!'..I said..

‘Are you the father??'..The receptionist asked this time and I nodded frantically.

‘Yes I'm the father!! Yes I'm the father'..

‘Okay sir she's in ward 306 with the child'..She said and I gapsed...

Did she just say what I think she said?..

I grabbed some flowers from the flower store in the hospital and quickly rushed over to the Ward 306 only for me to see Eliza with a little child in her arms..

‘She is so beautiful'..I said and kissed the little baby's forehead..

‘Why don't you name her Lucas?? You're her godfather after all aren't you??'..She asked and I couldn't help but feel like the child was my own..

‘Melissa,her name is Melissa'..

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