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   A Deal With Doctor Daniel
      (I don't want to loose you)

      💊💉 Episode 1💊💉

‘Seriously you're not playing with me are you?? Kylie you're not really playing with me are you?!'..Daniel asked as his eyes watered...

‘Yeah,you're going to be a daddy'..Kylie replied with her eyes also watering and he hugged her as tight as he could with so much emotions running through his veins..

‘Thank you so much Kylie,this is the happiest day of my life'..He said in tears and kissed her forehead...

Three months later..

Kylie came out of the bathroom with a bag of Cheetos in her left hand looking like a mess and Daniel frowned seeing how she messed up her face.

‘Are you okay??'..He asked..

‘Who?Me?? Oh yeah I'm perfectly fine why do you ask?'..She replied wiping off the stain with her white robe which he didn't find comfortable at all..

‘You're messing up the whole place with those Cheetos you're eating! What is it with you and Cheetos nowadays??'..

‘I'm pregnant aren't I?? And you're a doctor it's called cravings'..She replied in a salty way and he rolled his eyes...

‘Fine you're having cravings but can you please not mess up the whole damn place anymore??! come on Kylie you're better than this'..He said and she scoffed..

‘Ohhh wow Daniel!! You're just saying this because you're not the one in the uncomfortable shoes!! i hate being pregnant and you that very well for a goddamn fact that I do!!! I'm tired of getting out of breath and looking lumpy and the baby is just four months old!! Five months more to go and I feel like killing myself!! I just can't take this anymore Daniel!!'..She cried out and threw the Cheetos at him and then walked away angrily..

She was really getting on his nerves..

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