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Season 3

Episode 66

(What would you do)

Joe stood in front of Yvonne, smiling grimly. "Do you think I haven't changed? Do you still regard me as a worthless man? That's where you're wrong," he said with a hint of arrogance.

"I'm not the man who I used to be. You, on the other hand, has become a woman of loose morals! You are a woman with no virtue!"

Instead of being carried away by her emotions, Yvonne suppressed her anger as she tried to sound stern. "You know what? I don't have any problem with other people talking to me like that except you. You don't have any right to talk to me that way,"

She exclaimed, trying to keep her composure.

The girl beside Joe came into view, interrupting their conversation.

"Stop trying to make a scene. I am Joe's girlfriend now, so whatever relationship you've had with him before doesn't matter anymore. Do you honestly think he'll regard you with pity if you just continue looking miserable? You wish," she scoffed.

Yvonne couldn't help but laugh upon hearing her words. She stared at Joe, finding herself at a loss. Ignoring what the girl said, she debated whether or not she should tell him the truth. She felt incredibly hurt for receiving such a hostile treatment, so deciding what to do was incredibly hard. After a few moments of hesitation, she finally said, "Do you want to know who's the father of my baby?"

With her head lowered, she continued what she had to say. "You don't need to look any further, because the person I'm referring to is right before your very eyes."

She was desperate to know his reaction after her revelation, curious to see if he would behave differently upon knowing that he's the father of her child. She wanted him to console her so bad. She wanted him to feel guilty for what he had done, even expecting him to give her an apology.

"Are you saying that I'm the father of your baby? That's ridiculous!" Joe said, not believing anything that he just heard. "Do you really think I'll believe you after everything you've done? Who knows how many men you've slept with?" he exclaimed further.

"You really have no shame, don't you? Stop dragging my name into this!"

Filled with anger and envy, the girl standing beside Joe echoed the same sentiment. "Wow, she's really out of her mind. Is there anything special about this girl? I can't believe you've dated her before!"

Paralyzed by their insulting stares, Yvonne found it hard to find a place to hide. She just wanted to know how he'd react once she told him the truth, not expecting that he'd respond in such a way. Mortified by what happened, she berated herself for even hoping that he'd show her any mercy.

"Joe, before we broke up, I had been with you for many years. You should know that I don't have to lie about such things.

The baby has died because of a miscarriage. How can you think that I made up such a story?" Joe sneered in response, feeling dismissive. Noticing Yvonne's sorrowful expression, he started to consider if there was any truth behind her words. As he recalled the days they spent together, he remembered that they didn't use any contraceptive every time they had sex, which led him to think that it might be possible that she really got pregnant.

However, now that he knew that Yvonne had an abortion accidentally, he refused to be taken advantage of.

"How do I know if you're saying the truth?" Joe asked, pausing for a while to carefully think about what he's going to say.

"You can say anything you want since the baby is gone. But how am I gonna be able to confirm this? Do you have any evidence?" he insisted, demanding proof.

"You..." Yvonne found it hard to finish her sentence, too angry to utter a single word.

The girl beside Joe looked at her unpleasantly. But she decided that she still wanted to give it a try. "You're right. I might not have any evidence because the baby is gone. You don't need to worry because you don't have to be responsible for it now. But I still want to know, what would you do if I didn't have any miscarriage?" she asked, face bathed in sweat.

"Why do you keep on insisting that Joe is the baby's father? You shouldn't be saying such a thing if you don't have any evidence.

Stop talking about such nonsense!" the girl said, her words filled with caution.

She gazed at Yvonne, looking at her impatiently as if she was afraid that she would steal Joe away from her.

Aside from being beautiful, Yvonne also came from a notable family. This diminished the girl's confidence, giving her little sense of security.

"Shut up. I wasn't talking to you. Get yourself out of here," Yvonne said furiously.

She waited impatiently, anticipating what the girl will say in return.


The girl was rendered speechless, shocked by Yvonne's words. This made her step back subconsciously.

Filled with contempt, Joe laughed upon hearing their conversation. "Watch your words, Yvonne. She's my girlfriend. Stop talking to her that way! As far as I can see, she hasn't done anything wrong. You might be forgetting that you're just a stranger to me now, so try your best to be polite," he said, holding her girlfriend's hands.

"I am asking you. Why can't you answer me?" she asked in response, ignoring what he just said. Still nourishing a glimmer of hope, Yvonne insisted to know the answer.

She couldn't help but wonder what will happen once she got the answer from him.

What would he say? Would she forgive him? Would she still want to be with him?

Despite being the one who broke up with Joe, she still couldn't stand seeing him with another woman. Since she's not doing well recently, she also felt a little bit envious to see him in a relationship.

She waited as she continued to demand an answer, wanting to know if he still loved her.

"Yvonne, I don't know why you keep on asking me the question. You've had a miscarriage and I'm not even sure if I'm the baby's father, so you better stop making trouble. To tell you the truth, I'm not willing to get back to you even if the baby is alive. I have a girlfriend and we're living a happy life. So can you please show some respect?

Why can't you see that I'm happier with her than I am when I was with you?" Joe said with a grim smile, disdain visible in his eyes.

"How could you say that?" Yvonne asked, feeling helpless as this was her first time to feel incredibly upset.

Refusing to accept such an answer, she continued to ask him. "Why? Is she better than me?"

She wondered how he could stay unaffected despite their break-up. She never expected that he would be able to move on without her and live such a happy life.

"Did you just ask if she's better than you?" Joe asked, trying to stifle his laugh upon hearing what she said. "What an absurd question."

He couldn't believe Yvonne would ask about it.

"Yes, you might be beautiful and you might come from a notable family. You might even think that my girlfriend has nothing compared to you. But I don't care about anything that you might have. My girlfriend is kind and understanding.

She's not as ill-tempered as you. She makes me feel at ease and important. Do you understand what I'm trying to say?"

Joe met his girlfriend soon after he got the money from Yvonne. It was her who led him to the right path. Now that they ran a store and lived a peaceful life, he couldn't be any more satisfied.

Frustrated, she stared at Joe's eyes. She never saw him look at her the same way he looked at his girlfriend, his eyes showing how much he really loved the girl. With this, she suddenly arrived at a realization.

She now understood that she had really lost the fight this time around.

As much as it pained her to see Joe with another girl, she knew that she had to move on. There's no point in trying to persuade Joe anymore, seeing as he had already made up his mind.

Smiling bitterly, she thought how much trouble she wouldn't have gone through if it weren't for Autumn.

She needed to exhaust all her efforts to achieve her goal by moving forward or else she will be looked down upon by others.

Yvonne slowly stood up as she paid her bill, clearly in a hurry to leave the place and go back home. She knew that Simon wasn't around because of an official business, which left Wendy alone in the house.

Wendy immediately rushed up to her as soon as she entered the room. "What took you so long? Have you forgotten what I told you? Tell me where you went and what you've done," she said, anger apparent in her voice.

Wendy had a feeling that Yvonne had confessed to someone about her miscarriage. She hoped that she could prove her wrong.

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