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Season 3

Episode 65

(A kill joy)

Her three "friends" looked very embarrassed, as Yvonne's reputation haD gone so bad that no one wanted to hang out with her, much less be seen in public with her.

"Are you unwilling to talk to me?" Yvonne challenged the three with a sneer, "I think I treated all of you generously in the past, only to be rejected this like! Give me a reason now!"

"Thanks for your past generosity!" A girl whose name was Debbie rose up to answer Yvonne, "However I would confine myself to my house, if I were you. Now your presence is definitely a comedy."

"What the hell did you just say?" Yvonne stared the girl down, "I dare you to say it again."

"I am telling the truth!" The girl sneered and pressed her challenge, "Yvonne, you are more ill-reputed than ever! It is expected that we stay away from you because we do not want to be seen with you, especially in public."

"Speak ill of me like that some more and I will make you suffer for it!" Yvonne was furious.

"Debbie, there is no point of arguing with her!" The other two girls tried to pull Debbie back to her seat, staring at Yvonne with contempt. "It is a buzzkill to run into her here. Let us go somewhere else and have fun."

"How dare all of you leave impolitely like this? Stop!" No matter how Yvonne screamed, she was powerless to stop them, which made her all the madder.

After the unpleasant encounter, Yvonne drowned her unhappiness in the pub alone.

She had decided to be less visible in public to avoid other people's contempt. However, it was beyond what she could handle when she went out of the house.

"Hi, Miss Gu. It's been a long time!" Yvonne, in a state of stupor, heard a familiar voice teasing from behind her. It was Joe.

Joe came with a young girl wearing a cheap dress, holding Joe's arm tightly and looking at Yvonne with resentment.
The girl shook Joe's arm and asked, "Joe, who is she?"

The girl looked at Joe with admiration and then stared at Yvonne with contempt.

"Your presence is indeed a nuisance!" Yvonne cast a cold glance over Joe impatiently.

Yvonne was already having a bad time and meeting Joe almost drove her mad, "Get out of here quickly!"

Joe got accustomed to the arrogance and aggressiveness of Yvonne. He knew that she was nothing but a self-serving woman.

Meanwhile the girl who came with Joe was unable to contain her anger, "How dare you talk to him like that?"

"It doesn't matter." Joe calmed her down by patting her hand, "Do you want to know who she is?"

"There is no harm in knowing her, I suppose." The girl was overwhelmed by Yvonne's presence, because Yvonne was good-looking and well dressed.

"She was my ex-girlfriend who came from a wealthy family. As you can see, she naturally has a short temper." Joe applied his sarcastic remarks and description on Yvonne, which made her feel rather uneasy.

The girl's resentment and hostility against Yvonne deepened as Joe continued to describe her.

"That's enough!" Yvonne got more and more annoyed at the two who just did not want to leave. "Out of my sight quickly!"

"Calm down." Joe and the girl sat beside Yvonne brazen-faced, "I think we should have a nice chat after parting for a long time. I heard of your miscarriage. Who was responsible for that? He should have given you the due care and love."

Joe's words were followed by a loud crash. Yvonne threw a cup on to the floor and it broke to pieces. This terrified the girl who clutched Joe's hand.

However Joe was unperturbed, "How could you? How could you vent your anger at me like that?"

Although Joe was granted compensation when Yvonne broke up with him, he still had resentment against her. Now, Joe took delight in Yvonne's distress.

Joe let off a cold smile, leaning against the booth as if everything had been under his sway, "Yvonne, you should have foreseen your current misery, when you got rid of me after I became useless to you."

"It is the retribution for your abandoning me in the past. that you were, in turn, abandoned by the man who got you pregnant!" Joe kept throwing insults at Yvonne beyond measure. She had forgotten what Wendy told her previously and looked at Joe in a state of stupor, "Shut the hell up!"

"How? Can't bear to hear it?" Joe said sarcastically, "Yvonne, you should know that things were bound to get worse for you when you decided to dump me." Yvonne succumbed to a mental breakdown at Joe's repeated mention of her aborted child.

Yvonne jumped on Joe and tried to strangle him as she lost her marbles, while Joe continued his provocation, "Now what? Are you ashamed and angry? Where is this responsible man? Why not introduce him to me next time?"
"I will kill you without mercy if you mention my aborted child again!" Yvonne, at that moment, would kill Joe for vengeance and satisfaction, as Joe was the culprit of her undoing.

Joe did relent, sensing Yvonne's rage and fury. Yvonne let go of Joe, pulling her hair in dismay.

"If not for you, I would not end up in such a misery!" Yvonne was overwhelmed by a growing sense of futility and regret.


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