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Season 3

Episode 63

(She is so shameless)

Chris turned around and walked towards Rachel. She gave a smile and said, "Since you like this scarf very much, I would give it to you as your... wedding gift."

Chris added, "You'd better straighten up and watch your attitude. You'd hate living with me, right? If you dare irritate me again, I will ask my father to let me live with him and we both know what's going to happen. He will be very happy to comply."

"Are you crazy?" Rachel's face dimmed, "Don't forget that living with Edward means living with me as well. So are you ready to have a hard time with me everyday under one roof?"

"Oohh, Yes, I am. I'm almost scared to death." Chris said sarcastically. Then she sneered and continued, "But I think you are the one who should be scared more. Like I said, from now on, be careful with your behavior. I won't let it go, if you make trouble for me again."

Like I said, from now on, be careful with your behavior. I won't let it go, if you make trouble for me again."

Rachel pursed her lips in annoyance. She knew inside that she couldn't bear living together with Chris. That would be torture for her.

Rachel just wanted to make trouble for Autumn but now she had offended Chris and this worried her.

Chris turned around without saying goodbye, leaving Rachel alone. She was quite satisfied with what she said because it had successfully ruined Rachel's mood.

The shop assistant had already packed up the scarf. She approached Rachel and said hesitantly, "Miss Bai, your scarf has been packed, but..."

The card Rachel used to pay for the scarf required a PIN so the shop assistant had to ask her to punch the PIN herself.

Rachel paid for the scarf reluctantly. She didn't like it at all. She actually hated it. She thought about it for a moment and decided to send it to Dream Garden.

She would try and show Chris that she had no intention to be her enemy and she also hoped that Chris could stop going against her.

But she wasn't sure whether Chris would accept her gift and her apology or not.

Chris still felt a little annoyed after they left the shop. She calmed down only when Autumn and Sam consoled her.

"Please give me a moment. I need to use the bathroom now," Chris said.

Sam and Autumn stood together. Their good looks drew many people's attention. Sam looked at Autumn and asked, "How is it going for you these days?"

"Pretty good." Autumn gave a smile. It was a little awkward to be with him.

"Chris told me that your company is in a bit of trouble. Do you need any help?" Sam considered her as his sister, wanting nothing but a happy life for her.

"Thank you, but I think I can handle it."

Autumn smiled bitterly. She once thought she could deal with any challenge by herself. But that had changed since she got married to Charles. It seemed that he could deal with everything for her so she had no need to make too much of an effort on anything.

She had the confidence to handle the issues in the company, but Andy and Sam had both offered to help, worrying about her. She began to doubt whether she was really capable to manage a company.

"Autumn, no matter what happens, I'll always consider you as my sister. If you have any problems, please tell me." Sam already knew that Autumn was a tough woman. She could bear all hardships without complaining to anyone.

"I will. Thanks." Autumn felt quite comfortable after hearing Sam's words, her embarrassment has melted away.

From now on, Sam was just Chris's boyfriend. For Autumn, he was just an old friend whom she grew up together with.

"Be careful!" A speeding truck passed by and nearly hit Autumn.

Autumn had no time to realize what happened but Sam had already pulled her towards his chest to keep her from any harm. As the truck sped away, Sam helped her stand steadily, then he released her immediately.

This all happened in a matter of seconds. She said to Sam, "Thank you." "You're welcome. Please be careful next time." Sam said in a gentle tone.

However, as this happened, two women was staring maliciously at Autumn.

"Mrs. Lin, did you see that? Now you can see that I didn't lie to you. Your son is having an affair with Autumn!" The woman who was speaking to Mrs. Lin was Wendy. She went abroad to visit Mrs. Lin and urge her to return and teach Autumn a lesson. Now she was back in China.

Wendy heard that Sam had recently got a girlfriend and was ready to take her to visit his parents. This would render her plans useless.

She had already put a lot of time and efforts into her plan. She wouldn't let go of Autumn this time.

Today Mrs. Lin invited her to go shopping and asked for her advice on the gift for Sam's girlfriend. She was so disturbed by having no chance to tell Mrs. Lin the thing about Autumn and Sam until she spotted Autumn being in Sam's arms.

Wendy sneered and said, "Although Autumn is my daughter, she was brought up by her grandmother. She looks like a good girl if you don't know her true character, but actually she is a scheming bitch and tries every means to marry a rich man. She has already stolen Yvonne's husband and now she wants to seduce your son. She is so shameless!"

Wendy hadn't given Autumn any trouble in a while but she was just resting to gain momentum. She was waiting for the perfect chance to destroy Autumn in one blow.

"Enough!" Mrs. Lin turned around out of anger. She had already told Autumn to stay away from her son but clearly she didn't listen.

"Mrs. Lin, I'm so sorry for having such an ill-mannered daughter." Wendy apologized to Mrs. Lin to make her believe her story of the illicit relation between Autumn and Sam.

"Stop talking! Didn't you understand what I said?" Then Mrs. Lin said to her in a serious expression, "Don't tell anyone what happened here just now. Do you understand?"

"Okay! I know what I should do." Wendy promised. Then she asked Mrs. Lin out of curiosity, "So... What will you do to deal with them?"


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