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Season 3

Episode 61

(Choosing a gift)

Charles, Autumn and their coworkers returned to China the following day. Chris and Sam came to pick them up. On the way home, Autumn whispered to Chris, "How is everything going?"

"I have settled it with Edward." Chris obviously was not affected by the incident. What troubled her was that Sam never asked her to meet his parents since then. "By no means would I live with Rachel under the same roof. Edward cared about Rachel more than anyone else, so I haven't heard from him lately."

Chris replied with a gentle smile, "That's why I am glad that you are back." The fact that Chris was no longer troubled and disturbed by her family background made Autumn happy.

At that moment, Autumn thought of the Zhao family. Chris mentioned that during her absence, Arthur came over to Dream Garden to check on Emily's condition.

Now that she had come home, Autumn decided to face the Zhao Family.

Gary and Emily were waiting for them. Emily's eyes had gotten so weak that she was virtually blind. Autumn was overwhelmed at the sight of her grandma in front of the courtyard and couldn't stop the tears from her eyes.

"Hey, stop crying." Charles patted Autumn's shoulder and assured her, "We are all fated to die one day. Emily will be very happy to spend her remaining days with you. So do not make her worry."

"OK, I understand." Autumn dried her tears and approached Emily with a clear voice, "My grandma, I am back.

"It is good to be back." Emily's face lit up and reached out her hands to meet Autumn's, and caressed Autumn's face, "It seems that you have lost weight."

"I am not accustomed to the local food there, but now I am back, I feel much better. My dear grandma, you don't need to worry." Autumn did not mention the unpleasant encounter in Japan. As always, she did not want her grandma to worry.

They had a blissful time dining together as a family. Afterwards, Chris escorted Sam from Dream Garden while Autumn and Charles went upstairs.

The next day, Charles did not waste time getting back to work. He had doubled his efforts to make up for the failed cooperation with the Light House Company in the following weekend.

Meanwhile, without any business to attend to, Autumn did not get up until noon.

"Autumn, can you go out with me and Sam? We need to choose a gift as a token of my respect to Sam's parents."

Last night, on the point of departure, Sam suggested that they pay his parents a visit. This rendered Chris over-anxious and she did not sleep a wink.

"To buy a gift? Are you ready to meet Sam's parents?" Autumn blurted out, making Chris's face suffused with more anxiety and embarrassment. Autumn hit the nail.

"Please, Autumn...." Chris looked at Autumn in embarrassment.

Autumn couldn't resist and she gladly agreed.

As they were leaving, Arthur came to Dream Garden. Emily was happy to see him with a greeting. "Doctor Zhao, welcome to our home!"

"Thank you." Arthur replied and turned around to ask Autumn, "Are you going out?"

"Yes." Autumn murmured, feeling rather uneasy, "And.... When it is convenient, I would like to bring my grandma to your family for a visit."

"What... I wonder?" Arthur was overwhelmed with gladness as he looked at Autumn who felt embarrassed. "Any time is a convenient time, Autumn. How about.... tomorrow evening? I will tell Amy to prepare something that you like to eat."

"That sounds good." Autumn' s heart swelled with happiness, knowing that she has a heart-warming family.

"Then it is set. Tomorrow evening it is." Autumn nodded gently. As she left Dream Garden, Autumn looked happier than she ever did. This worried Chris and made her rather upset. She expressed her envy to her sister-in-law, "Autumn, although you have reunited with your family, you should... try to contain your excitement."

"Chris, you do not understand Autumn's feelings." Sam caught a glimpse of Autumn by the rear-view mirror and explained to Chris while driving, "Without anyone to depend on, Little Ye had gone through a lot of hardships. You, on the other hand, grew up surrounded by the loving people, especially Charles and Gary. Therefore I am genuinely happy to see Autumn join her family."

Sam was a witness to Autumn's miserable childhood, how her fate had turned around and now she lived happily.

Chris thought of Wendy and how she treated Autumn, and stayed quiet.

She was so happy too see Autumn win back the care and love of her family.

Sam parked the car in the basement of the mall. Autumn asked Chris, "What do you want to buy?"

"I don't know yet." Chris was at a loss to choose the gift for Sam's parents though she had known Sam for a long time. She was rather nervous to pay her respects to Sam's parents, as Sam's girlfriend for the first time. Therefore Autumn was asked to serve as a shopping guide.

"Sam, I do remember your Mum had a penchant for various scarves. She used to change her scarf everyday. Is it true?" Autumn turned to Sam.

"Yes that is true!" Sam nodded gently. With assurance, Autumn suggested, "You had better buy a scarf for Sam's Mum. This gift requires an elaborate style, though seemingly ordinary, will surely meet her expectations."

Chris looked at Autumn with gratitude, "Autumn, if not for you, I would end up choosing the wrong gift."

"You silly girl." Autumn replied with a smile. She was willing to help Chris and Sam stay together and do everything within her power. She had witnessed their relationship being laden with hardships and challenges.

Sam responded in agreement, "That would be nice! My mum will definitely love it."

Chris's face lit up as she was quite assured. She recommended that they go together toward the fourth floor where an excellent scarf brand store was located.

The brand Chris recommended was known to Autumn. It had stylish varieties but exorbitant prices. A price of a single piece could be the equivalent of a one-year salary from an ordinary household. It seemed that Chris had decided to impress Sam's mum at a considerable cost.

"Autumn, what do you think of this one?" Chris picked up a black-and-white checkered scarf with an elegant and simple design. As Sam's mum was a middle-aged woman, it would suit her very well.

Chris turned to Autumn for her opinion, because she knew that Sam would not want to offend her and would definitely give his two thumbs up whether the scarf was nice or not. Autumn said, "I think it is quite stylish."


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