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Season 3

Episode 57

(Industrial exchange meeting (1)

"I don't quite understand what you mean." Autumn wasn't foolish, she surely understood what Hoada Masahiro meant. What went beyond her expectation was that he still had the nerve to say this to her even after what happened between him and Paula in the restroom.

Eyes filled with pent-up desire, Hoada Masahiro stared straight at Autumn. "This is my room card. I will wait for you in the hotel room tonight," he said as he slipped the card into her hand. "Keep it."

Truly getting angry this time, Autumn looked at him coldly. "Sorry, Mr. Hoada." she said. "I'm a dumb person. Could you please… make it clear for me?"

"It's simple," he said, "I will provide you with all the additional funding you need. You just have to come to my room tonight. Do you understand?"

To Autumn's absolute horror, Hoada Masahiro touched her hand as he passed her the room card. She felt so disgusted over the fact that he took advantage of her with such a gesture, goosebumps appearing all the way to her arm. But before she had the chance to respond, a pair of hefty hands suddenly shove Hoada Masahiro's hand off.

The force made Hoada Masahiro scream, losing his control, "Who are you? Let go of me!"

Tonight, Light House Company would be holding a big event. As the new director of the company, Hoada Masahiro got carried away with the weight of his position. But when Autumn looked sideways and saw Charles coming to her, she regained her confidence and vigor.

It was tempting to give in to the thought of money. But Hoada Masahiro was her partner, Autumn did not want to offend him.

However, seeing that Charles had shown up, Autumn gained confidence that he would handle it for her no matter what happened.

"Don't you understand? I'm asking you to let go of my hand!" Hoada Masahiro said.

It looked like that Hoada Masahiro's hand was about to break but Charles had no intention of letting him go. He was delighted to see Autumn unexpectedly.

But Charles couldn't stand seeing Hoada Masahiro taking advantage of his wife. "Charles, let him go."

Autumn shook her head gently, trying to tell Charles to spare Hoada Masahiro.

After all, they were in a party where formality must be prized. They had to give Mr. Seitan respect even though they find Hoada Masahiro ill-mannered. It would be such a huge disgrace if trouble would ensue.

"Are you deaf?" Hoada Masahiro said, looking like his brain was cut out circulation as he did not recognize the relationship between Autumn and Charles. "Let me go."

"Who do you think you are to put your finger into my pie?" he asked as he kept trying to tell Charles to let him go.

"Let me tell you that this is none of your business. So why are you here pretending to be some hero to save her?"

Autumn felt uncomfortable upon hearing what he said.

"What do you mean?" Charles asked, dumbfounded.

"So you have her agreement, huh?"

Charles found it unbelievable. He couldn't hide the confusion and disappointment from his face.

"Of course!" he exclaimed as he looked at her.

"Autumn, why don't you explain it for me? Don't forget what I have promised you..."
Sensing that Autumn might not be interested to talk, Hoada Masahiro threatened to drop his cash bribe. "Mr. Masahiro, I have always respected you as a partner at work. I hope you better take back what you just said," Autumn said, looking at him with furrowed eyebrows.

He sneered back at her, not caring about the opportunity that Autumn had given him to apologize. "I mean it, Autumn. I really do admire you," he reiterated.

Charles dropped his hand before his voice died down, throwing a sudden punch that hit Hoada Masahiro's face hard. Hoada fell ungracefully, lying awkwardly on the ground.

The commotion brought everyone's eyes towards them.

"You..." Hoada said, trying to talk.

Realizing that things were getting worse, he calmed himself down to avoid causing a scene. He had just won the position of general manager, he couldn't afford to screw it all up. He gritted his teeth, angrily staring at them in a near distance.

Oddly enough, he found himself more angry at Autumn. If it wasn't for her hesitation, these things wouldn't have happened.

Hoada Masahiro stood up, looking at Autumn with a certain coldness.

"Miss Ye, don't ruin my appreciation for you."

Autumn decided not to respond hastily, resisting her anger. "Mr. Hoada," she started. "I believe that your wife is behind your virtuous achievements. I think you should better be careful not to destroy your family."

Hoada was rendered speechless, not knowing what to say in return. He didn't even have the chance to respond as Mr. Seiten's voice echoed through the crowd, his voice sounding very serious. "What's going on here?"

Hoada Masahiro acted respectfully in front of him, restraining his arrogance.

"Mr. Seiten," Autumn greeted him modestly, acknowledging his presence.

His eyes lit up as he saw Charles standing behind Autumn, greeting him in excitement. "Mr. Lu, I can't believe you have made it," he said, shaking his hands.

"Of course, Mr. Seiten," he responded.
"How could I not come to the industry exchange meeting when it's hosted by you?" Charles said, managing a weak smile.

"I'm so glad that you're here! I was thinking that if you didn't come, I would fly to China to visit you next month," Mr. Seiten responded, holding Charles's hand with apparent excitement.

The scene made Hoada Masahiro's face turn red. He didn't expect that Mr. Seiten knew Charles and even regarded him with respect. He got anxious about offending Charles a while ago, causing him to think that he may lose his newly earned position.

He felt so upset. He really couldn't understand why Charles wanted to fight for Autumn. He wondered, is it because Autumn is Chinese?

"Mr. Lu, do you mind if I ask what happened here?"

Mr. Seiten said, asking Charles as he recalled why he came over. However, Hoada Masahiro took the initiative to explain. "Mr. Seiten, let me tell you something."

He started, looking him straight in the face.

Afraid of what would happen, Hoada explained in a tense voice. "Please allow me to make myself clear. Mr. Lu wasn't aware of the current situation seeing as he just arrived during that time."

Charles didn't object as he listened to what Hoada was trying to say. "Go on, tell me what happened then," Mr. Seiten said, frowning slightly.

Delighted to hear his consent, Hoada continued. "Well, Miss Ye had come up with an excellent proposal for our company today," he said, pausing for a moment. "Things went very well at first.

In fact, Mr. Seiten, you have even showed your appreciation to her, so I decided to invite her to the industry exchange meeting. I believed that she had good intentions so I did that out of kindness. But it turned out it was the beginning of her wild ambition."



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