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Season 3

Episode 56

(Cocktail party)

But it was the President who invited her, and it seemed impolite to refuse. Thus, Autumn reluctantly nodded her head, "I am honored." She lied.

After Mr. Seiten left, Hoada Masahiro went to Autumn jubilantly. "Miss Ye, you've done an excellent job today. The President speaks really highly of you. It had been the best choice I have ever made in my life, letting you make the project plan."

After the proposal meeting, his supervisor told him immediately that his promotion had become a sure thing.

"You are welcome, Mr. Hoada. It has been my honor to do so." With a faint smile, Autumn said, "Well, about the budget…..."

"No problem, we'll talk into the details later at the party." Hoada Masahiro smiled happily, patting Autumn on her shoulder slightly, "I have to go now."

Suddenly, Autumn did not feel well in her stomach. She had no idea whether it was due to the raw food or not. She went to the restroom.

Sitting in one of the cubicles, she thought of sending Charles a text message with the good news, but decided to just tell him in person. After a while, there seemed to be some noise in the restroom. Autumn heard the sound of the door being locked. She heard Paula's voice first, "Hoada Masahiro, how dare you fool me?"

"How could that be?" Then the obscene voice of Hoada Masahiro followed, "You asked me to recommend you, and I did it. But it was true that Autumn did much better on the proposal. It was the President himself who made the final decision. I could not be the one to blame, could I?"

"You……" Paula furiously clenched her teeth. "What you've promised me was that my company would win in the proposal meeting, but what just happened now? Even worse, I lost face in front of Autumn once again. Aren't you afraid that I'd tell everyone what you've done?"

With a sneer, Hoada Masahiro said, "Paula dear, how could you take it so seriously, what a man says during sex? I did say it to let you participate into the proposal meeting. But it would be too much for me if the failure was due to your lack of skills, wouldn't it? I could not stop you if you want to spill the beans, at all events...... I won't be the only one losing face, you will too."

Autumn held her breath, trying her best not to make a sound inside the cubicle.

No wonder Paula was here. Such a dirty deal turned out to have been dealt behind her back. Autumn never thought that a person like Paula, who was so proud, could painstakingly go through such things in order to beat her.

"You......" Paula raised her hand, intending to slap Hoada Masahiro. She had paid a high price, but it turned out to be a futile one and she just could not help but explode in anger.

Hoada Masahiro caught hold of her hand the moment she tried to land it on Hoada's face, "Miss Pan, there is no denying it that you're really good in bed, but…… you lack the working ability though, not to mention your horrible temper. I do hope that we have nothing to hide next time we see each other."

"In your dreams." Paula felt numb with hatred. Unfortunately, she could do nothing but clench her fists.

Hoada Masahiro was unwilling to waste his time on Paula. He was clear in his mind, that what he had done with Paula was just for fun and could not be taken seriously.

After walking out from the restroom, he would still be the one with glory in front of everyone. He was the Hoada Masahiro who would be met with congratulations and surrounded by admiring peers. Thanks, obviously, to Autumn's great performance.

But that was not the case for Paula, who had paid a high price.

With the noise of Hoada Masahiro and Paula's roaring argument, Autumn couldn't help shaking her head. Why were there so many stupid girls in the world, having a fancy that they would be rewarded as long as the price to pay was sex? But what those girls did, unfortunately, would only be looked down on and despised by men.

Autumn came out of the cubicle after making sure that there was no one else in the restroom. Thinking of what had just happenned, She left the Light House Company, with a heavy heart.

Without a dress for the cocktail party in the evening, Autumn had to buy a dress for the moment. She picked a white dress, which was not too eye-catching, but decent without doubt. Wandering in the cocktail party, Autumn did not see Paula, but Hoada Masahiro was walking towards her.

"Miss Ye, look at you, how gorgeous you are tonight." Looking at Hoada Masahiro's face, Autumn could not help remembering the conversations that she overheard in the restroom. It was very difficult for her to face him and act naturally.

In her mind, she felt really sorry for Paula.

Paula, who always had a good opinion of herself, with good looks and matching working skills, had been hoping to find a rich husband all the time. However, she made a dirty deal just to beat Autumn, even…… gave her own body to a scumbag, who turned his back on her in the end.

What a pity.

"Am I? Thanks!" With a slight smile, Autumn asked Hoada Masahiro, "Have you seen Paula?"

"Paula?" Autumn saw a bit of nervousness in Hoada Masahiro's eyes when she mentioned Paula's name. But he quickly recovered and answered with a smile, "The party tonight is also the industry exchange meeting. Everyone here are elites from all over the world.

Miss Ye, you would not have had the chance to come, not to mention Paula. Well, you are the honored guest of the President, so......"

With a smile, Hoada Masahiro continued, "Miss Pan is not in a good mood today. She might have gone back to the hotel to rest a bit. Miss Ye, although it goes well on the proposal, ......

I hope that you take it seriously, after all, the following implementation is still very important."

"I will." Autumn nodded slightly. She thought it was just an ordinary party, but beyond her expectations, there were a lot of things going on at the same time. Autumn had been wondering before, whether she would meet Charles here.

"Excuse me, I'll go over there and say hello. Let's talk about the budget later." Hoada Masahiro left before Autumn had any chance to say anything. Autumn could do nothing but wait.

The host of the party was famous in Japan. However, Autumn seemed to be lacking interest for it. The moment she almost fell asleep, the voice of Mr. Seiten came from behind, "It is boring, right?"

"Mr. Seiten." Autumn stood up quickly and said, "No, I just couldn't get used to parties like this at the moment."

Mr. Seiten smiled, "There are many successful people here tonight. Miss Ye, you have a very accurate grasp of the whole company and I admire you very much. After some time, I am sure that you will be successful."

"Mr. Seiten, please don't make fun of me, how could I......" Autumn raised her hands to show her modesty. Finally, she smiled, "Thank you for your kind words."

"Have a good night." With a smile, Mr. Seiten turned and left.

"Miss Ye." After a few exchanged greetings with the other guests, Hoada Masahiro walked torwards Autumn with two glasses of red wine and handed one to her. "To be honest, I really admire you, Miss Ye."

"You are someone who has good looks, wisdom and a strong working ability."

Hoada Masahiro gave generous compliments to Autumn, "I am pretty impressed by your proposal, well, the budget…… would be no problem at all."

"Mr. Hoada, as you know, the employees of my company have paid a lot of efforts to this project, thus……"

"I get it, Miss Ye, actually, whether you can get a bigger budget or not…… depends on you."

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