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Season 3

Episode 53

(Let me accompany you)

"Autumn, please listen to me......" Overcome with guilt, Leila felt the need to explain it to Autumn, but Autumn brushed her aside. She called the hotel security to help her carry Charles to his room.

Leila wanted to go with them, but David stopped her, "What are you following them for? We have to leave now." He laughed mockingly at Leila, "The young couple is living a happy life. Why do you want to disturb them?"

Leila scowled and crossed her arms. There was nothing she could do.

Autumn managed to have Charles carried to his room. After she closed the door, she sat on the bed looking at her husband and let out a deep sigh. Then she took off Charles's business suit and started cleaning his face and body with a wet towel. This took her more than one hour. Afterwards, she felt like going back to her own room, but decided to stay. He might wake up and need something.

Fortunately, Charles slept like a baby all night. So she had a restful sleep herself.

Although Charles was drunk the night before, he woke up at the exact same time that he always did. He looked around and rubbed his eyes. He wanted to make sure that there really was a lady lying beside him.

He squinted his eyes for a moment and looked closer. But then he caught the waft of a familiar scent. He was first relieved then was confused.

Ultimately he jumped up with joy. He grabbed Autumn into his arms and kissed her face. Autumn woke up and stretched herself, delighted to see Charles's smiling face. If only she could wake up like this everyday for the rest of their lives.

She said to Charles, "Hey, you wake up!"

"Yep." Charles held Autumn in his arms. He didn't ask Autumn why she was here. He just started pouncing on her. But Autumn shook him off and said, "Let's get up and have breakfast. Hurry!"

"Let's just take our time." Charles panted and pressed on Autumn under his body, "Honey, I missed you so much......"

Autumn was about to push him away, because she had an appointment with Hoada Masahiro, and she would be late if she didn't get moving. But she understood his desire for her, and she couldn't bear to refuse him.

They both consummated their love during this beautiful morning intercourse. He entered her and tore her apart in a fiery flame of desire, almost melting her completely in his lustful blood.

"It was all your fault. Now, I'm running late." Autumn complained as she put on her clothes. Charles just lay in bed looking happy.

He didn't care that his wife was late. He didn't care about anything at that moment. He said to Autumn with a smile, "Where shall I pick you up later?"

"I don't know yet." Autumn buttoned up her blouse and said to Charles in front of her, "I'm running out of time, I really have to go."

Her phone rang just right after she said that. It was Hoada Masahiro. Autumn immediately answered the phone and got ready to go downstairs.

Before she left, she said to Charles, "Give me a call when you are finished with today's business."

"All right." Charles nodded slightly. He went to take a shower after she left. Of all the days he spent in Japan, it was the happiest as well as the most indulgent day.

Before Autumn came, Charles had been getting up almost earlier than cockerels and working his fingers to the bone. But today, it was the first time he didn't get up on time.

David and Leila had been waiting for Charles at the lobby. They had finished eating breakfast and still there was no sign of their boss.

"No, it can't be. I'm concerned about Mr. Lu. What if something went wrong? I have to see what happened." Leila stood up. She was both anxious and furious.

She felt that Charles had become abnormal as soon as Autumn arrived. "What are you going to do?" David firmly stopped Leila. Autumn was angry yesterday. He could tell simply by Autumn's expression that Leila had clearly crossed the line.

"I am going to fetch Mr. Lu, of course. It's really late. We still have many things to do." Leila replied, getting ready to leave.

"No need to hurry." David gave a smile, "Those things can wait. Just take your time."

"No, they can't!" Leila was getting irritiated, "We came here for work, not for vacation. How could Mr. Lu do this?"

"It's rare to have Mrs. Lu come and join her husband during a business trip. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Mr. Lu had been working day and night and hadn't had a good rest these days. What would it matter if we let them get enough rest and have some good husband and wife time together?" David looked at Leila solemnly, knowing that what he said made her even more furious. "You should know you are just a secretary, so just do your job within your scope. Don't do or say anything that is none of your business. Do you understand?"

"You must remember that you have no right to change Mr. Lu's lifestyle. As his secretary, you need to be clear about your position and stick to the tasks that are handed to you." David was a bit frank, and he hoped she would be sensitive enough to think about it.

Leila gritted her teeth. She wanted Charles and Autumn to spend less time together. But hearing David speak like that, Leila dared not say anything back. Embarrassed, she sat down.

At around 8 a.m. Charles came in and had his breakfast peacefully. After that, he said to David, "Have my wife check out of her room and send her luggage to mine."

"OK." David answered. Having Autumn in Japan was a surprise and obviously, Charles was really happy about that.

"Mr. Lu, today we only need to check the site, what should we do with the remaining time?" David asked Charles.

"After the survey, both of you will be free to do as you please. All the expenses fall on me." Charles was in a very good mood as Autumn had already given him his morning treat.

"Mr. Lu." Leila looked at Charles and smiled, "I'm not familiar with anything in this country. I don't know how to speak Japanese either. Do you think you could accompany me and wander around the neighborhood?"

Since Autumn had come, Leila knew that she couldn't wait. She must take the initiative to make the necessary moves. In any case, she must try, or regret it later.

Charles didn't say a word. But David couldn't hide his displeasure, because her intention was too obvious, "Leila, it's nice to have such a good chance. Let me accompany you. I've been here in Japan many times, I'm familiar with Japan and I can speak Japanese, and the thing is......"

David paused but allowed himself to go all out. "The thing is, I'm single. Mr. Lu is already married, it's not appropriate to let a married man accompany a single woman like you. What would Mrs. Lu think? What if she got angry?"

He said it in the form of a joke. But his words had a lot of punch and kept Charles out of trouble.

Although Leila was hit by David's words, she dared not talk back in front of Charles. Otherwise, her scheme would be too obvious.

'No, the time is not ripe yet.' she thought to herself.

Leila grinned and didn't say a word. David had become an obstacle and a nuisance. One day she would have to get rid of him.



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