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Season 11

Episode 41

(Truth or Dare (2)

“Fine.” Su Yu’s heart knew that he shouldn’t go, because the more he saw Huo Mian, the harder he fell for her. However, his mouth said ‘yes’ uncontrollably, since he wanted to see her more than anything.

Su Yu wasn’t interested in parties, nor costumes. The only reason he wanted to go was the fact that he could see Huo Mian there…

“Then you’ll have to hurry up, it’s almost time. The party starts at 7 PM, so you still have time to get dressed up… it’s at South Hill Manor.”

“I got it,” Su Yu answered.

“Then… see you later.”

“Okay, see you later,” Su Yu replied as he felt both his gaze and his voice soften.

Those three words, ‘see you later’, sounded nice coming out of Huo Mian’s mouth.

He was still smiling even after he set down his phone…


“Yes, Sir.”

“Clear my schedule for tonight.”

“But Sir… there are two dinners for you to attend tonight. President Liu, one of our business partners, is turning 60 years old, and President Zhou is holding a party for his month-old son. They’re both pretty important…”

Su Yu interrupted An before the latter could finish. “I said, clear my schedule. Don’t make me repeat it again.”

An froze for a second and then nodded. “Yes Sir, right way.”

After leaving Imperial Star, Su Yu drove all the way back to his parents’ house…

“Yu… you’re back so early, are you having dinner at home?”

“Mom… tell me… which villain should I dress up as?” Su Yu asked excitedly.

“Um…Yu, what are you talking about?” Mrs. Su was completely stunned.

“Never mind, I’ll figure something out myself.” Then, Su Yu ran up the stairs.

In the past, the company often held costume parties, and he would occasionally join in the fun. Therefore, he owned a lot of costumes…

After hanging up the phone, Huo Mian began putting on makeup as she clicked into the WeChat group of her, Jiang Xiaowei and Zhu Lingling. “Hey, pretty ladies, are you guys ready?”

Jiang Xiaowei: “I’m ready, just waiting for Mr. Wei here. We’ll be there in a jiffy. Don’t worry, we won’t be late.”

Zhu Lingling: “I’m ready too, I’ll be there in a little over ten minutes, be prepared to witness a miracle, haha.”

Huo Mian: “Lingling, don’t tell me you’re dressed up as White Skeleton Demon (TL: White Skeleton Demon is a villain from Journey to the West and is a shapeshifting demoness whose true form is a skeleton.)

Zhu Lingling: “Pffft… yeah right, White Skeleton Demon is so ugly, she’s no more than a skeleton. I’m dressed up as someone pretty.”

Jiang Xiaowei: “Mian, who else is coming today? Give us some insider information.”

Huo Mian: “Aside from the three of us, there’s also going to be Ni Yang, Mo Xue’er, Huo Siqian, Su Yu… Oh, and Song Yishi.”

Jiang Xiaowei: “Wait, I get why Su Yu’s coming, but Song Yishi? What the hell?”

Zhu Lingling: “Yeah, why did you invite that manipulative bitch? Did your brain go cuckoo?”

Huo Mian: “I was pushed into a corner too, but if she wants to come, then she can come.”

Jiang Xiaowei: “F*ck, I’m going to make her miserable.”

Zhu Lingling: “Yeah, yeah, me too. The three of us need to team up to make Bitch Song miserable.”

Jiang Xiaowei: “But Mian, does Qin Chu know you invited Su Yu?”

Jiang Xiowei was attentive to details, so she suddenly thought of this.

Huo Mian replied: “Actually, Mr. Qin told me to invite him.”

Zhu Lingling and Jiang Xiaowei were dumbfounded by this information…

“I don’t know what Mr. Qin was thinking either, but I invited him already, so might as well.” Huo Mian nodded in self-consolation.

“So who are you dressing up as tonight? I’m curious,” Zhu Lingling laughed as she asked her.

“I have the same question,” Jiang Xiaowei hooted along.

“Haha, it’s a secret, you’ll find out when you guys get here!” Huo Mian purposely kept her mouth shut and pretended to be mysterious.

After she finished her makeup and looked herself in the mirror, she nodded, satisfied with how she looked.

“Honey, I’m back…” Qin Chu barely finished his sentence before he froze. Was the woman standing in front of him really his wife?

“Honey… are you surprised?” Huo Mian pointed at her makeup as she bit down on her lips and smiled shyly.


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