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 🏥😷 Dr. Kim 🕵

🍆The hot 😳 doctor 🕴
              A neighbor next door 🚪


                  🌻 Episode 09 🌻

Janet's POV 

  After that incident we really didn't cross each others paths, we never wanted to but something strange happened 

   After the one week stay at home, I reported back to school and was so surprised to see that strange guy next door in a doctor's coat and speaking to Mr. Smith

     Do they know each other? Was the first thing that came to my head

I ignored them and then walked into the class am expected to teach for the day

 Kim's POV
Is my eyes deceiving me or what? I just saw that baggy bitch a while ago

   I'm sure it was her, does she teach here? 

   I guess she shouldn't be teaching here because I never want to see her

   "So have a nice day and take your drugs regularly " I adviced the teacher and he nodded and we both parted ways

As I made my way to my office, I bumped into a female teacher 

     "Oh hey! I'm sorry"she said locking her eyes with mine and I scoffed 
       I brushed past her and went into my office and she heard her wow and gasp staring at me.

Janet's POV 

Done with their teachings I went straight to the principal's office and when I reached there, I knocked on his door and he ushered me into his office 

     He ordered me to sit down and I did sit down nodding my head repeatedly watching him stare at me

     "How was your one week detention? Learnt good lessons"

"It was good, even though someone almost ruined it" I replied my mind going back to my next door neighbor who is really a pain in the neck, The constant streaming of girls into his apartment creeps me out
   I wonder why some girls could be so senseless to be falling for someone who isn't even handsome enough to be tripped for 

   His face is like that of a rat and nothing else
   I wonder how they get the girls to fall in love with him 


"Hmm but you still learned your lessons and did you write the letters I asked you to write? "



"Because there is no reason I should apologize "

   "Okay then, get out of my office " he said rudely and I smirked

    "I was already leaving " immediately I stood up from the chair and turned my face to the door, 

    I met the guy, he was in a lab coat and standing on the door

   My eyes blinked twice in wonder, 
  And my mind recalled something I think I forgot

    The doctor who was sent to out school is this guy and his name is.... 

        Dr. Kim!!!! 


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