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                A neighbor next door🚪


              🌻 08 🌻

Janet's POV 

He is so stupid to have slapped me! 

     I batted my eyelid before I rolled my eyes at him and he was so dazed to speak

      He doesn't have good manners and he's rude 
  And thanks to God, I know how go handle rude jerks

      "Rat face, dont ever make noise with that again" I warned and then left him there walking into my room and then closed mg door behind me

   I quickly went to my dressing table, sat down and faced my mirror 
  I packed my side hair to the back of my ear and then checked the spot that he hit me

   It was so reddish and noticeable
   Seriously he ruined my face with that hard hand of his

    I didn't slap him enough as I wanted
   I should've given a very heavy destructive slap on his face 

   I boiled with that thought inside me and then I got up to go and meet him again and give him another slap buy when I got out he had gone in with his bed

    I went to his door, squeezed the doorknob twice and it was locked
   I peeped in and he wasnt in so I turned to go only to see him standing before me

    "Why are you always peeping into my room, are you a pervert" he said glaring daggers at me and I scoffed

     He must be kidding me? 

   "I've told you not to think so highly of yourself about having high chances of getting me because we live next door to each other because I hate girls who don't mind their business" he said

   Who does he even think he is, I was giving a one week detention only to be at home and eat shit made by this jerk! 

    "Who do you think you're! Huh!! Your mate are at work and you're here looking for something under a bed disturbing people so you could get them to look at your disgusting face! A rat face!! " I replied rudely and he pointed at himself to know if I'm referring to him

"And you call yourself beautiful? You're the worst woman I've ever seen"

   "At least I have a job! Not looking over a bed to attract the neighbors to your disgusting face! I wonder why Mrs. Peggotty let you in here " I snapped at him again and he scoffed

Kim's POV 

  She's a noise maker, I never knew her type lives here 
  I would've avoided coming here 

    A rat face! My face doesnt look that of the rats so why would she call me a rat face

    "I'm not a rat face okay my name is... "

    "Who cares whatever your name is just try and stay out of my path else" she grinned popping her eyes out in a threatening way at me

   She's so funny, 

   "I just pity one person, your lover, he's suffering "

"And I pity your lover too, because you're so rude!! "She replied 

  She has no fear talking to me as if I'm her mate
    "Hey hey! What's happening why the noise"the woman I think called Mrs. Peggotty came rushing to the both of us

     She was the same one who admitted me earlier

    "What is it handsome" she winked at me and I smirked

  She calls me handsome and this one calls me rat face, meaning that she's so blind not to see this beautiful face of mine

"She's making noise" I replied politely and she scoffed before snapping at Mrs. Peggotty 

"Why is he here? Why did you pit him in a room next to mine? " she questioned and I felt the woman fidget at her. 

   She seems to be afraid of her

    "Janet wait... "

Janet is her name? Beautiful name to a senseless girl 

   Psst! They should never give this kind of name to senseless mannerless people like her

    "Change his room to somewhere far away from mine, she can't be my next door neighbor " she said to Mrs. Peggotty and she nodded her head 

    "Mr.. Please I will give you another room much prettier than this one" she said politely to me smiling at every word she said 

    "Change her room to somewhere far away from mine" I replied perking my brow at her and she nodded turning to that weird girl again

     "Lemme change yours and you won't pay for three months " 

    She scoffed at what she said

"Rat face have got this one acting weird, Mrs. Peggotty I'm an old neighbor and he's new! "

   "And am not leaving!! Mrs. Janet or whatever your name is!! " I chipped in at her rudely and she scoffed 

   "I hate guys like you, "

   "And I hate girls like you! " j replied and she scoffed again

   " I pray you never cross my path Rat face"

   "So I wish too ".... 

. __________

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