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Janet's POV 

     I came back home in the night and made my way in to my own apartment 

     I glanced at the door behind mine and it looked like someone parked into that place since there was light in the room, I peeped in and just as my face was at the door, 

   It opened and I fell into the person who opened the door, he wrapped his hands around my waist to prevent me from falling and I looked up to see his face... 

    Oh jeez! Prince charming 

    He's so handsome, he's so amazing!! 

    I blinked my eyes twice staring at him when suddenly he let go off me and pushed me out of his room locking his door 

    What's wrong with him? Why would he push me like that?.... 

I shrugged 

    I made to go in to my room when he opened his door again and popped out his head

     "You shouldn't have a crush on me woman, you're not my taste " he blurted 

    I became angry immediately, 

 "I shouldn't have a crush on you, do I look like am crushing on you? Huh!!! That rat face of yours can't be crushed on!!! " I spat at him and walked into my room and then locked my door behind me in anger

Kim's POV 

She called me a rat face? This face that everyone loves is a rat face? 

    Ya! What's even her name? 

  She must be crazy to peep into my room door, fall into my arms and then call my face a rat face!!

I grinned badly and then went to my bed, I lay flat on it and soon sleep took over me


Janet's POV 

I yawned and stretched on my bed before hopping out of it and then came in to my bathroom to brush my teeth

  With the oversize pink wovy sweater I was wearing, I packed my hair into a pony tail and then took out my brush from the pink plastic cup which I normally keep my brush and its on top of the sink

   I took out the paste (also on top of the sink) and then opened it pressing it slightly so I could take some paste.... 

Minutes later,

I was done brushing, so I left my bathroom and then went into my bedroom, I stretched myself repeatedly when suddenly I heard a loud bang outside 

    The bang came again disturbing my ears and I sighed
   I have told this stupid neighbors not to always disturb me with their stupid noises which they always make here! 

    I fumed in anger walking towards my door
   I opened it and that same guy of yesterday was the one making the stupid noise with his bed 

    "Rat face you're disturbing me with your damn noise"
 I snapped at him 

    "Rat face? This face is a... "

"Yes and stop making a noise with this bed, beds are kept inside and not meant to be outside the room! "I reminded and he scoffed turning to the other side and probably looking for something 

    I watched him as he bent down lookibg around the whole of his bed and I scoffed

    I can't believe this guy is my next door neighbor
   Why will Mrs. Peggotty accept this kind of guy in this place? 

     A bang again came as he hit his bed and I yelled at him
    "Rat face, what the hell is wrong with you!! You're disturbing us with your noise

He didn't even bare a word to me... 

Kim's POV 

This girl is such a pain! She doesn't even know what am looking for and she's complaining and rattling about


I need to find this cockroach which woke me up from sleep, I need to find it 

    Else I won't take this in, that woman would've told me that she harbours cockroach in here! 


"Rat face?!! " she called me again and I grinned 

    Rat face! 

    She's such a trouble, she should at least mind her business and not poke nosing 


"I'm talking to you Mr. Rat face? "

     I couldn't take the insult anymore, I turned to her and then gave her a slap on her cheek 

     A slap she won't forget in her whole life

    She blinked her eyes repeatedly trying to be sure if am the one who hit her and it was real, 

     "Are you such a noise maker? Psst! I pity your boyfriend or maybe lover who knows" I snapped at her and the look in her face didnt scare me for a bit

    What will she do? Hit me?? She wouldn't dare

    I scoffed and then I felt her hand as she hit my cheek with full force 

     A slap! 
She slapped me!!! My face! She ruined it with her hand?!! 

. ______________

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