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 🏥😷 Dr. Kim 🕵

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Kim's POV 

I finished eating and was about leaving the restaurant when I noticed Finn's car in the background 

   I looked closer through the glass walls and I saw him come out from it and then followed by Janet and my heart jumped up in excitement and then fell unhappy again as I saw him lead her into the restaurant by holding her waist 

I clenched my fist and grinned and I found myself sitting back on the chair.

"Sir" the young girl called me and I ignored her collecting my credit card from her

"I need a bottle of vodka please"I ordered again and she smiled at me winked and then left

They came into the restaurant and then our eyes met and they came to my table

  "Hey Dr... "

"Would you mind taking another seat please "I interrupted him and he shrugged his eyes resting on Janet 

  I stared at Janet also and a sharp pain thrusted into my heart

I told her to date him, I used my mouth to say that even though I never wanted to

I'm so insane and unfeeling

   Maybe she's dating him right now but she's happy with the look on her face to see me here and then I asked them to change a seat and she's frowning deeply at me

  I hate it that she's angry with me and I keep on being that way towards her

  "Let's leave this restaurant and find another Finn" she said to him and my heart almost fell out

I asked them to change a seat and not an entire restaurant, she must be kidding me

    "That's good"
He replied and they made to stand up

   "Before you guys leave, I want to have a cup of vodka each with you guys"I rolled my eyes at them as I said coldly and she scoffed 

I wanted to use that as an excuse to stop them from leaving 

  "Why?? "

"Vodka with you?? I'd rather die Kim!! "

What!!.. She'd rather die than have a glass of vodka with me? 

She's being unnecessarily mean

   She rolled her eyes at me and then walked out of the restaurant 

   He smirked at me and then whispered

"Do you know how much of a pain you're? I will have you watch me till I take her away from you"

I grinned

"Take her? Psst? You must be kidding me" I said coldly and we both stared to Janet's direction 

"See, you love her but can't say it, the love she has for you will only last for a while until its gone!! So Mr. Grumpy thanks for your license... "

My whole body sparked up again in wants for her

Am I really going to leave her to the care of this beast.

I was dying deep inside of me 

   "You know Grumpy, I like her but don't love her and she's my type to play on... "He said and I punched him on his face

Why would he say something like that? 

I knew he was a flirt right from the first time I saw him
  I knew it!! 

Hitting on Janet like that is what I hate so much and her being someone he can play on just made it worse

Janet's POV 

I waited patiently outside the car with my hungry stomach and angry mind when I heard a huge noise caused by a stumble of chairs and I panicked 

I ran back inside and


  They were both at each other's neck

I boiled in anger

  Finn was badly bruised and Kim hardly had any which meant Kim was the one hitting him

  The others watched on patiently at them while videoing them and it got me more pissed off 

"Stop this!!! " I yelled on the top of my voice and they both let go off each other 

   Kim dragged me by my hand forcing me to follow him and I struggled impatiently on his grasp

Finn needs me

He's badly bruised

I wonder what caused their fight 

They never get along with each other for once 

I wonder what triggered off the fight

  "Let me go"I struggled for the last time and in the process pulled my hand off from his and he turned to look at me in utmost anger

"Don't date him!! "He barked 

"You dont tell me what to do with my life Kim!! "
I yelled back

"He isn't good enough for you"

"And how is that your business and why did you fight him?? "

"Because... "

"Because you're jerk!! "



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