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 🏥😷 Dr. Kim 🕵

🍆The hot 😳 doctor 🕴
                A neighbor next door 🚪


                  🌻 43 🌻

Janet's POV 

  "Well you're not an old witch and if you're, "he shrugged "you're a pretty witch"he said with a scowl on the WITCH and I smiled 

"Are you free today? "He asked 

"Yeah but am going to see my family "

"Family? "He asked and I nodded my head

"Wow! You're lucky to have a family you can go to"

"You don't have one? "

He shook his head and that was when his face fell

"I don't have one because I lost the both of them when I was young and growing" 

Oh... I pitied him

"I'm sorry if that has to happen... "

"Its okay, I like talking about it to the people I care about that's all"he said and shrugged his shoulders again

"Care about?? "
I said emphatically and he nodded

"So can we hang out later maybe tomorrow "

"No today "

"Aren't you going to see your family again "

"See them tomorrow " I winked and he smiled.....

Kim's POV 

  "Now come on mom, I need a nap please"I grumbled but she won't allow me be

Coming here wasn't a good idea

   "Just tell me when you're going to marry her, I need to see her just once please"she pleaded like a baby and I sat up from the bed

"Mom I will tell you about that later but now, I need to some rest, my head is burning!! "


Mothers can be frustrating sometimes 

  She sighed amd sat down on my bed instead of leaving like I said

"What's there in saying a few things about her? Huh?? First you won't tell me where you live and you won't allow anyone get there either and now you want... "

"Stop talking mom! I'm leaving!!!! "I jumped down from the bed took my car keys and left her all alone in the room

No peace in my own house! 

I really need to think and she won't allow me do just that! 

Does she know how much emotional pain I've been going through? 

Some mothers will never understand 

I drove to a nearby restaurant and halted my car 

  I came out,pressed my car control button and then went into the restaurant....

Janet's POV 


I'm so hungry right now... I thought immediately he left my room

My stomach grumbled badly and I held my tummy

I need food right now 

  I went to kitchen and then straight to the fridge, I opened it and

Goodness gracious,! 

It was so empty! 

When was the last time I stuffed it up with food stuffs 

I can't remember 

But am hungry!! 

  "Janet! "I heard Finn call me and I went to the door to see him standing there 

"What is it"
I asked 

"I was wondering if you will love to eat out with me"

That's what I want right now because am hungry

"Of course sure! " I nodded my head to complement  my answer and he smiled

"I will just put on some jacket and then... "

"You don't look bad like this"he interrupted 

"Just wait a bit, I'm coming, "


How did he know that I needed this right now
  I really needed food! 


I exclaimed as I put on my jacket and then surfaced into the living room again

"Wow you look better " he said 
"Thanks "

We both left for the restaurant... 



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