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 🏥😷 Dr. Kim 🕵

🍆The hot 😳 doctor🕴
               A neighbor next door 🚪


                 🌻 42 🌻

Janet's POV 

Hold on! 

  What is he saying? 

Date who? 

  He's confusing me

I took pains coming here and he's saying what I can't understand 

I want him to tell me what I want to hear and he's making me understand that coming here was all a lie! 

   I suppressed my anger 

"Who am I saying? "

"Finn, he will care about you so much and make you smile so hard like you want and tell you all the words you want to hear and never make you cry and not a jerk like me Janet" he explained and I felt like slapping him on his face

Who told him I was complaining? 

"So date him if he ever ask you to"he said shrugging

"I thought you said you love me? "

"And that's why I'm trying to care about your happiness for once Janet, he makes you happy doesn't he? "

  I heaved

"I will date him" I said and his eyes widened 

"What! "

"I will date him as you advised afterall you love me and you never for once made me happy, you're a handful Kim and I hate myself ask me why? "

"Why"he mumbled

"Because I love you! And I hate myself a lot for loving a jerk like you, it hurts a lot for loving a jerk like you and... Damn it" I walked away angrily

I couldn't even my last sentence before leaving 

He's irritating 

Tears came to my eyes again and I wiped it off and I landed heavily on my bed


I yawned deeply and I woke up with a slight pain on my head


My head so much 

I sat up quietly and checked the calendar which was hanging on my wall

It was Saturday 

Today is Saturday! 


  I need to get home to go see my family now

"Hey" a head popped into my room and it was Finn's

"Good morning " I said and smiled and he winked at me as he got into my room

  "You look like a baby on the bed" he said and I blushed

"Really and they say am an old witch"
I mouthed and he smiled sitting down on my bed

"Well.... "

Kim's POV 

  "C'mon tell me about the woman who came to the house yesterday Kim"

My sister's job! 

Can't she shut up! Huh 
I never asked her to say any of it to my mom


Now she will be on my neck to talk about her

  "Nothing mom am tired, I just arrived "
I yawned as I slumped down on my bed still on my shoes


I missed this my soft bed so much

    "Tell me about her, she's beautiful and gentle and curvy you know "

"She told you all that? "

She didn't even speak to Janet when she came and she's admiring her

   "Yes so how much do you like her, I have to know when you guys are getting married "


She must be kidding me



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