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Janet's POV 

  I sobbed the more as he patted my shoulder 

   For several minutes, I was still crying and he continuously rubbed my shoulder to make me stop crying but I didn't 

   An hour later, 

The tears was still streaming down my cheeks but was lesser than before

   It seems like a heavy pain have been lifted off my shoulder as I cried out my heart

I felt more free than before, like I never had worries before 

  Minutes later, I stopped crying and he noticed that I had stopped crying because he stopped rubbing and patting my shoulder

  "Its good you took off those pain Janet"he suddenly said and I sighed deeply

  "Really? "

"Yes, Ofcuz but I never knew you will cry that hard, something wrong? "He asked me and I nodded my head

"I'm fine "I lied and he raised my jaw looking directly into my face

   I looked away so his eyes wouldn't meet mine
"You're so heartbroken Janet, I see that in your eyes"he peered and I hissed slapping his hands playfully out of my jaw

  "I'm perfectly fine just... "I shrugged remembering what happened earlier in the day and my inability to date anyone

And the person I think I care about maltreats me a whole lot

  "You love Kim right? "He asked suddenly and I couldn't dodge that question

So I nodded my head and he mouthed an "Oh"

 "And he doesn't like you right? And you caught him in the arms of another woman or he cheated on you or you told him about how you feel and he prrrrrrrr! "He said the last word with all his lips vibrating and it made me laugh

  "Yeah... Am serious, you don't have to cry for a jerk like him at least if you were crying for me, I'd be more honored and not shedding tears for Mr. Grumpy"he consoled and I nodded my head

"I think he loves me but just can't act the way he feel" I kinda defended and he hissed

"Naaaa! With that pretty face of his and hot body, he's a big player hitting on girls and women all the time,"he said and it sounded to be kind of true

Almost every woman in our school like him especially that tugging Agnes

  After all the people that like and love him, why did his wife leave him? 

And why does he love me if he really mean that? 

    Maybe I'm the one misjudging him
He hit you Mai...because I hit him first, if I didn't hit him 
  He wouldn't have done that either... He once told me that loving me doesn't mean I will do anything that pleases me to him and is now I understand what he meant by that

Maybe I misjudged him, maybe I'm the one seeing it on the wrong side of it 

   Who knows if he's home already, I will have to go check on him

   "Where are you going? "He asked me as I stood up to leave 

"I'm coming"I said and ran off.... 

Kim's POV 

I hate myself so much
    I'm so frustrated right now

I shouldn't have hurt her 

I pushed her to him

She was crying for me, I made her cry


  I will always make her cry but I think Finn is the only person who will make her smile all the time just like he has been for the past three days

I'm such a damn to myself and to everyone

  I laid down on my bed cursing my self severally when a knock came on my door 

   I sluggishly went over to the door and opened it to see her standing and then our eyes caught each other 

  I wanted to quickly hug her and say "sorry for making you cry" or "I'm sorry, I will never make you cry again and I love you" or "I love you " but no words came out

 I kept on starring at her as she was staring at me too

  We stared at each other for a while when she suddenly cleared her throat 

  "Aren't you going to say anything to me? "She asked and I found my self scoffing instead of smiling because I longed to hear this voice of hers.

"You expect me to say sorry? Right?? "

She frowned

"You know I wont care on whom loves and cares "I shrugged

"Finn likes you alot and I understand so please date him "

"What are you saying? "

"Date him"



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