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 πŸ₯😷 Dr. Kim πŸ•΅

πŸ†The hot 😳 doctor πŸ•΄
                A neighbor next door πŸšͺ


               πŸŒ» 40 🌻

Janet's POV 

I'm cheap! 

Did he just say cheap and he's even laughing about it? 


I punched him immediately and he held his jaw

  He rotated it as if I dislocated it but like I care 

He's so rude and grumpy 

"Take me home now! "I barked angrily and he stared on at me wide eyed 

   "I will but first of all I have to hit you back "
He replied getting up from the ground 


Hit me back? 

He must be kidding me! 

    "What do you... "He punched me so hard across my face 

Aaaarrgh! Tears came to my eyes immediately 

And he said he loved me didn't he? 

Is it how his own love is like

  "Now I can take you home" he said with a smile and I spat at his face

    I walked out angrily and met with his grumpy sister in the living room still playing with her friends 

I ignored her and then went through the door and then came out 

He punched me

It hurts so much

   I spat into my left palm and saw blood as it came out with it

He's so heart less to say the least

I wish I didn't even love him or say that I will love to be his girlfriend 

I was really stupid to have thought that in the first place 

  I flagged down a taxi and boom I was home....

Kim's POV


I didn't know I will punch her so hard like that 

I didn't mean to 

She spat at my face and then walked out

I saw pain in her eyes, I belittled her alot
I just did

   Aaarggh! I'm such a grumpy indeed! 
   I'm just afraid of loving her maybe

I don't want get hurt like before, maybe that's why am being this way towards her

But am hurting her aren't I? And she had gone home to be with that stupid guy

I don't think I will even need to leave the school

Not when that guy is there, being stalky and flirty

I hate him so much and I just pushed her to him

I'm so crude and daft

How angry she will be when I stand infront of her 

But she shouldn't have hit me too,she hit me first and I hit back

She made me do it

   "Is everything alright? "I heard my sister's voice inside my room

"Yeah... Yeah... "

"She left angrily is she... "

"I told you am fine so please leave" I interrupted her haughtily and she frowned at me

I hissed

Sometimes she tries to be stubborn when its not perfectly needed 

It makes me want to smack her when I don't even want to

    "Are you sure you guys are okay? Is she your girlfriend? Wow! What about that evil woman who made my brother cry back then? You forgotten about her?... "

"You know what? Get the hell out now! "I ordered and she fidgeted 

"I said leave now! I will call you when I need company " I said calmly and she left



Janet's POV 

  🎹Looking back 

πŸ”‰All the memories of 

🎢the dance we shared

🎡 beneath the stars above 

🎹and for a moment 

🎡all the world has arrived 

🎢how could I have known

🎡 that you will never say goodbye 

🎢And I... 

🎡I'm glad I didn't know

πŸ”‰ with or within

🎢 wait or will go 

🎹our lives, 

🎢I better left you a chance

🎢I couldn't have been stupid

🎹 but I don't have to miss 

🎢the dance

Someone tapped me thrice and I took off my head phones to get the person's attention 

  Oh it was Finn! 

I forced out a smile for him

"You look moody, "he said taking the head phones from me

I sighed

"I'm fine, " I shrugged

"You don't look that way, at least I know when you're angry or sad"

He said and I suddenly bursted out in tears 

I leaned on his shoulder and poured out my heart through my tears

He patted my back as I wept uncontrollably non stop

Kim's POV 

I will make it up for her, 

I bought the red dress from the woman and then zoomed off for home 

I reached the studio and there was no sign of her in her room and I instantly knew where she might be

  The rooftop! 

In a matter of minutes, I was already up there and I met something I shouldn't have seen

  She was leaning on his shoulder and he was patting her shoulder as she cried uncontrollably 

My heart started weeping that instant

   My feet couldn't move either, it was just froze 

   I watched them for some minutes and then turned to go... 



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