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                  🌻 04 🌻

Kim's POV

       I put myself together and then started clearing up my desk
   Its only for a while and everything will be done

     I gathered up the files on my table and arranged all of them into one pile, I went to medical kits to arrange them when just then a woman bumped into my office 

      "Get out and knock" I said rudely to her
  I don't care if she's sick or not, atleast before entering someone's office or bedroom you knock! 

   And not barging in as if its yours

    She stood transfixed staring at me and I repeated myself this time more louder than the first 

     "I said get out and knock! " 
She rushed out banging the door after her and then started knocking 

     "You can get yourself in" I invited still busy arranging my medical cases which I kept on my table

    She came in and smiled as if nothing happened earlier

      "What's wrong with you? " I asked half concentrating myself to her and she feigned sickness immediately 

     "Uhm I have been having br**st pain.... "

    "I don't handle br**st pain woman " I cut her off and she smiled again sitting down on the chair opposite me on the table

    "I didn't ask you to sit" I reminded

     Patients like her hardly have manners and I wonder why

    She scratched her head getting up from the sit and I nodded my head
      "You may sit your ass down now " I invited her to sit and she sat down back again to the chair

   I left what I was doing to listen to her problems 
     "Okay, what's the matter with you? "

"Uhm... I used to have belly pain and.... "

   "You once said you're having br**st pain and now you're having belly pain? Are you sure you're sick? " I reminded her what she said earlier and at same time asked her a question 

   She cleared her throat and then took off her coat to reveal a very sexy yellow dress she was putting on

    "You don't have air conditioner in here, am suffocating that's why I pulled off my coat"

    Whom is she fooling? 

"Well I thought you wore the coat because you're sick? And my AC is always on"
 I reminded and she waved her hand in the air

    "Forget about me being sick, do you have a girlfriend? " she asked and I smirked 
      I know that was why she came here 

      "Well.... "

"Shhhhhh! I can treat you much sweeter than your girlfriend " she interrupted getting up from her sit and then stepped closer to my side 

     "You're such a hot man, handsome too" she admired glaring at me and I smirked again

       "Look at you, I've heard so much about the hot doctor in our hospital and I never knew he's this man" she said that touching my chest and I didn't react 

     I always love it deep within me when they admire and praise me for my handsomeness 

    So I will allow her touch me as she wants, no hard feelings 

     "Such a hard chest! Your girlfriend is enjoying!! " she exclaimed

I beamed in excitement before I removed her hand from my chest and she exclaimed again

    "You held my hand! You held me!!! Kim held me!!! "

   I held her hand so what! I was just trying to remove her hand from my chest, so why the noise

   Girls can be so stupid! 

     "I love you so much Kim! " she said bringing her hands to my beards 

   Huh! What's wrong with this one? 
     This isn't funny anymore

     "Hey! Keep your voice down" I said to her as she kept shouting 

      "I will, your wish is my command, lemme touch you one more time, smile for me" she kept pestering and I stood up from my seat

      "What's wrong with you huh?? " I asked and just then my door opened with very many other girl-patients walked in and my eyes popped out 

  No one asked me to quickly call the security, I dialed their number 

     "There's an emergency in my office now "

  They knew why I was calling, this isn't my first time calling for this kind of complaint so he hung up and I dropped the phone too 

    "Dr. Kim how are you today? "

  "Kim should I give you a massage? "

   "Kim I love you"

"Look at his eyes "

   "Kim my doctor said you're my medicine, "

  "Seeing you have already healed me Kim"

  "Look at his dimple, its so visible"

They kept making noise touching all my whole body and I gulped hard

All my prayer is for that security man to reach up before they kill me here and as I wished, not long enough they stormed into the office and then started driving them away

      I sighed

"Leave me, I want to be with My Kim "
  "My Kim! "

"Goodbye Kim"

"Kim tell them not to touch me "

"Kim, they are taking me away"

They kept shouting until they forced them out of my door 

   I breathed hard.... And then scratched my head 

     The security man then came back into my office 

    "You're sure very lucky" he commented and then winked at me getting me confused 

What's this one saying?? 

. _________



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