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🏥😷 Dr. Kim 🕵

🍆The hot 😳 doctor🕴
             A neighbor next door 🚪


                  🌻 39 🌻

Janet's POV 

What the heck! 

  "I said get me down now! I don't want to go with you to anywhere!! So get me down, I have a class to attend to"

"Just say you want to get back there so you could be with him, just say it!! "

He yelled back and I felt like punching his rat face

   "Am not your girlfriend! "

He scoffed

  "And I love you so what! I hate seeing that guy around you, it pisses me off so much Janet, which part of jealousy is so hard to understand? Huh Janet.... "

I kissed him to shut him up 

He's such a jerk

Is this how love can be? Never soft for once! 


    I removed my lips from his and his lips had a dancing smile on it 

    "Are we good now so please stop shouting!! "I barked and he smirked

"Bribing me doesn't mean that I won't... "

His phone rang and I was quick to peep into his phone


Was boldly written on the screen, he glared at me before he picked up
   "Hey Agnes, what! " he yelled

And I heard a squeaky voice at the other end of the line

  He touched the wrinkles that formed on his forehead as she listened to the nonsense she was saying 

  The silence was killing me already because I couldn't get anything she was saying so I grabbed the phone from him

 "Hey Agnes stop calling him, you heard me? So please stop! " I said and then hung up the phone giving back to him

He bursted out in laughter

   I rolled my eyes at him and he laughed the more as he ignited the car and then zoomed off again.

Kim's POV 

She's funny!

I looked over at her and she was still having that grumpy look on her face after she answered the call

  It made me more amused and I laughed the more

She hissed at intervals seeing me laugh at her and would curse me under her breath but like I care

The jealousy is mutual afterall

I speeded up the car till I rached y house and then brought my car to a halt

  "Where are we? "
She asked as she gave a wandering gaze around the whole place

  "You will soon find out " I replied as we both got out of the car

She stood rooted on the floor as she wowed at the kind of place she was in

  "Where is this place" she asked and I held her hand leading her into my house  

   "Wow! " 
She exclaimed as we came into the sitting room

   I saw my sister in the living room with a number of her friends as they playing around the house

  She saw me and then came towards me as her friends waved a greeting at me

   "Hey bro, home already "I pecked her cheeks and her eyes wandered to Janet's direction

"And.. Who is this? Your... "

"Is mom home? " I interrupted her and she shook her head with her eyes still fixed on Janet

  Janet waved her hand at her and she scoffed walking back to meet her friends

   I shrugged 

   She's always like that when she meets new people 

    I led her up to my room and that's when she bursted up 

"You never told me you have a big gigantic house and then a grumpy sister and... Whatever!! What are you even doing in that studio when you're rich! Super rich" she barked and I smirked

   "Because you never cared to know, "I shrugged again and she batted her eyelid at me

   "What do you mean by that" she asked as I dragged her down to a chair to sit down

   She pulled me off her and scoffed
  She's so difficult! 

I wonder how I even loved her

  "I was sent on a brief assignment to that school until they get a permanent doctor since you guys lost the previous one and... That's it! Going to school is pretty hard from here so I went to that studio then that's it! 
   I met a grumpy like you " I said and she scoffed again

   I went close to her and then crouched down so she could look directly into my face as she sat on a chair

   "So.. Why am I here then? "

"I need company for tonight"

"You must be kidding me" she snapped and made to get up but I was quick to make her sit back again on the chair

   "You must be kidding me Kim, I need to go home now! I don't care if its your house or not?! Just take me home and... "

"I won't take you home because I want to make you my girlfriend! " I cut her up and she went calm

  "What... What... What did you just say? " she stuttered and I brought my hand to the back of her hair

"Be my girlfriend grumpy old witch"

She frowned

   "I'm not an old witch! "

"I'm not a rat face either"

She hissed

"I hate you so much Kim, "

I smirked

"Are you sure about that? "I said giving her a nose kiss and all her cheeks turned red

"You're really a rat face kim" she mumbled "I will be your girlfriend " she added and I bursted out laughing 

"So cheap Janet, you're not even hard to get"

I laughed and then I had a punch on my face




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