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 🏥😷 Dr. Kim 🕵

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               A neighbor next door 🚪


                   🌻Episode  16 🌻

Janet's POV 

    "You beat up a man! Janet!! You're unbelievable!! "The principal kept on yelling at me for fighting with Mr. Smith earlier 

He emptied a cup of hot coffee on my body and no one sees that but they see me as a bully 

  Isn't it

"Another suspension? "I kind of suggested to him

"Exactly Mrs. Janet, a suspension!!! " he affirmed giving me bad glares

    "How many weeks? " I asked coldly and he hissed

"Aren't you apologizing, why is it so hard for you to do? "

Because am not the one at fault but him!!
I yelled at him from inside me 

    "You're so rude Mrs. Janet.... "

"How many weeks? "I asked him again interrupting him

   "Not weeks, but suspension of your monthly salary till next six months "

What!! I was taken aback by his statement 

  I'm depending on that salary to buy Rat face's watch, I'm depending on it

   "Why? " I asked hiding my bitterness 

"That's your punishment, if you can't do it, you're very free to resigned "he finalized moving back to what he was doing on his desk

    Everyone spoilt my mood today, six month salary suspended! 

   That's too much 

Then apologize Janet... I can't do that shit! 

Kim's POV

"Should we still knock? " one of them said angrily and I flashed her a smile which melted her facial expression quickly

    I know how to get on girls and women so they don't normally stay on angrily at me

And even Janet?... My mind asked and I scoffed out loudly transferring my rude aggression to the three teachers who brought him here by sending them away

   He looks pathetic 

Who could have done this to him? 
I helped him sit down on a chair since he was conscious and then brought out my first aid box to tend to his wounds 

 "Janet is such a wicked woman... Ouch! That hurts doctor...She's so rude!!! " he spoke as I helped him dress his wounds 

    But Janet? Why is he mentioning her name?

"She's so rude and cold and that's why the student calls her old witch " he said again and then my door busted open and Janet walked in furiously

   Why can't she knock on the door for once huh! 

   "Old witch!? You have the guts to call me that huh Mr. Smith? "She barked and Mr. Smith started shaking with goose pimples filled on his skin

    What the hell is going on? 

"You're making noise in my office Mrs, you're disturbing my patient" I said coldly to her and she scoffed at me

    "Patient? I don't have anything to say now you wench! Both of you!! "She scowled in a tear filled voice and then she backed the both of us walking away as she came 

Janet's POV

Almost at the door and about to open it, his voice caught me

    "Don't buy the watch anymore... "

Huh? What did he just say? 

    I shouldn't buy the watch again? 

     "What? " I asked coldly as I turned to face him
He had finished dressing Mr. Smith wounds 

    "I don't need cheap things from cheap people like you so leave it" he said rudely and even though I felt happy about not buying the watch again, I was pissed off when he talked about CHEAP THINGS

    "Whatever! "I replied haughtily and made to leave when he drew my hand forcefully leaving me off balance that I didn't know when I tripped into him and his arms wrapped around my back to protect me from falling

   My heart missed a bit, our eyes locked with each other and none of us was able to look away

   He then let go of me and I fell on the hard floor hitting my bums hard as I fell

I grinned 

     "Is that a thanks for not making you waste your hard earned money?... And hold on?? Did you beat up this man?? " he asked me and my mind wasn't there 

It was staring at his cute rat face, his manly physique and the soft hands which wrapped around my body earlier
    "I'm talking to you"

He snapped his hands at my face and I came back to my senses

    "Huh! " 
He sighed

  "She didn't beat me up, we fought and then... "

"Na I wasn't talking to you but to her" he snapped at him

   "Yes I beat him up so what? He deserved it so I gave it to him" I answered him rudely 

    "What the fuvk! You beat up a full grown guy in the office? Huh??... You know what Janet? Apologize to him"

  "What did you just say? "

Apologize to whom? He's got to be kidding me

I stood up on my two feet and stood tall infront of him

    "Apologize to him? Are you my dad? Or Brother to command me? " 

"I'm not but if you don't apologize then you've got to buy my watch" 

Is he threatening me because of a petty wristwatch huh!! 

    "I will buy your watch Mr.! "

"What!! "

"Your watch will be ready in two months time!! "

   "Why not in a weeks time? " he suggested and my heart missed a bit

He's so cruel!!! 





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