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 🏥😷 Dr. Kim 🕵

🍆The hot 😳 doctor🕴
                A neighbor next door🚪


                🌻 Episode 15 🌻

Kim's POV

Immediately she left the office I exhaled, she made a point 

   It wont be the exact one as its so precious to me
  Yet, she should buy it for me I don't care how she gets it but she should buy it for me..... 

Janet's POV 

" Old witch!! "

"Old witch is here!! " 

  " Here the old witch comes "

Damn it! 

Won't this kid ever stop calling me old witch huh!! 

   How insulting it is adding to my bad mood

  Everyone is bent on ruining my mood for me

    "Silence! " I hit the table and there was immediate silence in the whole class

     "Who is an old witch?huh!! " I asked in anger and there was no response from the whole students 

    "No answer right?! Huh!! Detention all of you!!!! " I ordered and left the class with my bag

I didn't walk up to two steps as I left the class when my phone vibrated indicating that there was an incoming call coming from it

   I opened my bag and brought out the phone to check the caller 


My eyes popped out immediately, 

    I scrolled the bleeping call icon to the answer icon and then brought the phone close to my ear 

📲 yes mom
📲Mom?? You call me your mom when you've been avoiding me since the past week you turned 29 isn't that it?? 

She yelled at me over the phone that I had to remove my phone from my ear and waited for some seconds before I brought it back to my ear

📲So? Mom its my life 
I grumbled and she hissed at me over the phone
📲your life that at your age, you're yet to plan for your marriage 

She's always harsh when she calls me

I hung up the call on her and walked briskly into my office 

 I met Mr. Smith and he threw a smile at me which I couldn't understand what it meant

   He beckoned on me to come closer and I couldn't resist the temptation not to go 

I went closer to him and what he did was unspeakable to me, he threw a cup of hot coffee at me ruining my face and shirt 

I grinned getting more angrier than I was earlier 

    "Its not only you Mrs. Janet that can be arrogant and rude "he remarked and I boiled in anger the more

I didn't know when I threw myself into him for a fight.... 

Kim's POV 

"Doctor! "

"Doctor!! "

"Doctor!!! "

Group of teachers were calling my name from the outside and then they barged into my office without knocking

   And I hate people getting into my office or room without knocking and its only four people who breaked the rule

My mom
My ex wife 
My best friend and that 
Stupid Janet

  "Doctor you're urgently needed right now! A teacher was... "

"Get the hell out all of you and knock " I interrupted them coldly and they kept mute looking at each other 

   "Hot.. I mean Dr. Kim... A teacher... "

"Knock first until I approve you to get in"
I interrupted again and they went out of the office to go knock on the door

   I waited for more than ten minutes and still they didnt knock when suddenly they bursted into my office carrying a casualty

  And it was Mr. Smith

   "Should we still knock?? "



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