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 🏥😷 Dr. Kim 🕵

🍆The hot😳 doctor🕴
                A neighbor next door 🚪


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Kim's POV 

I dressed up for school and then opened my door to see Janet on my door way already dressed up too

    I wonder why many times that I open my door I used to find her on my doorway

     She looked away immediately our eyes met and I scoffed loudly

    I made to pass but she blocked me, I tried again but she blocked me
  I tried it many times and she still did the same thing, so I gave up and then decided to ask her what her problem is

     "What again? What!!! "I asked rudely and she was still calm

  It seems like words were stalked on her throat and she couldn't let it out

     "My watch? I hope I have a new one now? "

She nodded her head

  "Good so what is it? Are you drunk, this is my apartment" I reminded her

"Oh! " she mouthed 

"Maybe am drunk and I don't know remember my door"she added and then started walking to her own room door 

I scoffed and then walked away heading for school....

Janet's POV

   What the fuvk! Why didn't I say sorry and apologize when he was still in? 

Maybe because its not in my system 
I can't find myself saying sorry to him, I really don't! 

   I will have to buy it, I will have to 

I will

Twenty minutes later, 

I arrived school and went straight into my office, I dropped my handbag and then headed for Dr. Kim's office 

   I opened his door without knocking and I was so surprised to see him treating female teenage students who were up to four in his office 

     I didn't say a word, I just cat-walked my steps close to wear they were and immediately they noticed me in here, they all fled away like scaredy-cats

     He scoffed seeing me

"What? "

    "Look... Rat face... Sorry... I mean Dr. Kim... I'm sorry that I smashed your watch" I said in a low voice and he started laughing making me feel so embarrassed 

   "I can't hear you " he replied

    I repeated myself over and over again until I ended saying it so loud to him 

   "Really old witch... The student call you that"

Old witch?? How did he know it? 

     "You look startled old witch... Perfect name for you... " he broke into another round of laughter and I couldn't help myself sitting down on a chair 

     "I bet you were so poor to afford it"
  "Isn't it? Its too rich " 

I gulped hard 

   "Look here Rat face even if I buy a new one... Even if"I paused I don't want to say any harsh word that will result me into buying the watch with my future six months salary.

"It might have been given to you by someone special so... It won't be exact like this one I broke.. 
So... I'm sorry" I mumbled and he kept mute

    There was silence between us for a while before he spoke up again 

   "I want you to buy it"

"What? I'm sorry okay... I hardly say sorry and said it with my whole heart what's that you want again?? " I yelled at him

    "Are you yelling at me? "

" you made me yell okay?.. Whatever I will buy the watch... I will buy it okay... So don't bother about it being rich or being able to afford it because its seriously hurting my pride" I yelled at him much harder than the first one getting up angrily from his chair 

I walked towards the door and he didn't even utter a word to me, I expected him to say something but he didn't 

So I walked out of his office, I was so stupid for changing my mind about going to plead with him

     I will buy his watch

I will definitely buy his watch for him, and he would pay for it 



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