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🏥😷 Dr. Kim 🕵

🍆The hot 😳 doctor 🕴
               A neighbor next door 🚪


                🌻 13 🌻

Kim's POV 


My golden wristwatch!! 

I couldn't take my eyes off it as it crashed on the floor

     This woman!! Is something else

   I stared up to her eyes and boom! 

 She ran inside and locked her door
    I couldn't talk anymore, I was too dazed to talk

     The first most precious gift she ever gave me


      "Ta-da!! Look" she said bringing out a package from her bag 

     "Look here! " she unwrapped it and it was a golden wristwatch 
    I wowed at it and collected it from her admiring it.... 

      I squatted down and then collected the watch from the floor, 

    Its ruined! She ruined my watch

   I boiled in anger and I didn't know when I started pushing at her door 

   She ruined my watch!! She shouldn't have thought about ruining my watch for me

Janet's POV 

   What do I do now? I didn't mean to ruin it

I thought he was going to catch it and he didn't 

  He's so daft and dumb, 

    I ran to my savings box and packed enough money which I thought will be able to buy the watch and then opened my door shoving all the money to his face and that even got him more angry.

"What is the meaning of this? "

"Its money for the repair of your watch"

"Is that a sorry for ruining my watch and this money? Do you know how much its sold? "

  "So?? The money is enough to repair your watch Mr. "

    "Repair?? " he threw the watch at me and then yelled at me
    "Take it and buy me a new one, exactly like that! You get me!!! "

Fear gripped me

   Buy this watch!, 
Its too rich and how will I be able to afford it? 

  Where to? 

  I pouted my lips in anger at him rolling my eyes and he scoffed ;

     "Get me my watch, a brand new one you wench! "


He called me a wench? 

He rolled his eyes at me and then walked to his room.

Kim's POV 

Is she so unfeeling? Like who the hell is she to throw money at me like that? 

   She will come begging when she goes to the market and can't find the exact one or when can't afford the cost

    She will come pleading for mercy, 


Janet's POV 

  I searched for the watch all over the internet (Jumia) and none was exactly like it was
The ones I saw where golden wristwatches but the colors differs a lot 

   Does he really mean it that I should pay for his watch? 

He's so heartless

    I should give up and go and apologize to him 
No I shouldn't go 

   I have to search on, I will find the exact one to it

Many more minutes later in to the night, I saw the exact watch! 

    Golden colored watch!! 

  I quickly checked the price and I jerked at the kind of amount that was placed there 

    20,000 US dollars

   How can a price of one watch be this big? 

    Dr. Kim had already killed me! 

I can't afford this watch



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