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               A neighbor next door 🚪


   Episode 12

Kim's POV 

School closed for the day and I packed my things to leave the office

  Several minutes later, I was home, I went to my own apartment, unlocked it and went in 

   I was so refreshed when I took a bath and heard a cool meal which I bought when I was coming home

   I lay down for a rest when I suddenly remembered that I forgot my golden wristwatch in the office

   I sat from my bed in frustration scratching my head

  How will I forget something so precious to me like that? 

What was I thinking? 

   That was the most precious gift wifey gave me before our clash and divorce so how did I forget

  I was thinking when a knock came on my door 
I wasn't in a hurry to rush and open it so I let whoever that is knocking to knock until he|she had knocked enough before I would attend to he|she 

  Because most times, they are all this female stalkers and neighbors who want to look at a pretty boy who packed into their area 

  But such didn't happen, he|she knocked for a while and when no response came from me, the door opened

    And I saw that it was Janet

I knew only her will do that, 

    "Go back and knock" I ordered and she scoffed 

"Am not those clients you do that rubbish to"she replied 

    "Why can't you knock before entering? "

"You're a doctor and you still don't realize that you're having ear problems" she snapped at me and I felt like I should spank her 

   "Really? "

"Ofcuz, because I knocked thrice and you didn't open up... Why are you always thinking so full of yourself all the time"

   "Whatever! What are you doing here? "

    She sighed and then sat down on my reading chair even without my permission

"Stand up, I didn't ask you to sit" I reminded and she started laughing 

   "Really? Come and push me down from it then" 

"What? "

"About why I came here, I saw a golden watch in your office when I was clearing your office so... "

"My golden watch you thief! " I interrupted her and she scoffed

    "Give it" I ordered her and she scoffed even the more

   "I'm not giving it to you "


"Why? Give it now!!! " I barked at her and she didn't look at my angry looking face 

   She instead stood up from the chair she was sitting and then made for the door to go

    "I said give my gold watch back" I said this time calmly since rudely doesn't work on her

   "Say thanks for the job I did earlier to you"

    What!! Say thanks?? 

    I grinned my teeth 

"You're not ready for the watvh if you don't want to apologize " she said and then went out of my room

And I almost bursted out

    Janet is really a character! 

Janet's POV 

I entered into my room and then sighed bringing out the watch from my handbag

Its really a rich golden wristwatch, he might be from a rich home


Soon, I heard a knock on my door and i opened it to see him standing on the doorway 

    "The watch? " 

I ignored him

   "The watch?... Okay fine thanks for a wonderful job you did earlier... So now can I have my watch" 

I threw the watch to him buy mistakenly and suddenly he wasn't able to catch it so it crashed to the floor and the glass face broke into pieces

   We both gasped staring at each other and then at the watch

  I was short of words, I couldn't find a word to say

   So I banged door on his face, bolting it from behind

   What have I done? I crashed his rich golden wristwatch!!! 

What would be his reaction? This cold jerk will really roast me alive..... 


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