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 🏥😷 Dr. Kim 🕵

🍆The hot 😳 doctor🕴
             A neighbor next door🚪


                  🌻 Episode 11 🌻

Kim's POV 

I intentionally scattered the books and medical equipment on the floor so that I will watch her trying to clear them up

   And I seem to be enjoying the look she's giving me now

     I want to tame that nasty attitude of hers, she's too rude to be around anyone

     "You think I will clear this up then you ought to be joking " she spat and then made to walk away but I spoke which made her stop in her steps

     "I will tell the principal that you never want to help me in anything "
  She didn't seem to be moved by that;

     "What are you waiting for? Run and meet him and see if I care! " 

    "And I will say that my crusher refused to help me with anything unless I kiss her " I said and her expression was dreadful to me

     "What! Your crusher?? Look at the both of us, who do you think is crushing on each other? Huh??? " she said rolling her eyes at me and I smirked

    "You're making noise, just go ig you don't want to do it! " I said calmly and she didn't bulge from where she stood

     And I didn't speak anymore to her either, I concentrated on my laptop which was on the table facing me

     She stood there for a while and I saw her bend down and grumbling gathering and arranging those stuffs which were on the floor and I scoffed at her.

Janet's POV 

He's got to he kidding me?

He's crusher? How did I turn into being his crusher? 

And why will crush on a rat face like him

He's thinking too highly of himself

I finished up cleaning his office and I then turned to him

He was busy on his laptop so he didn't notice me

   I didn't want to say a word to him either so I tiptoed to the door and as I made to open the door his voice caught me

   "Are you done with the cleaning? " he asked coldly without looking up to look at me

   "Yes I am done "

He then looked up from his laptop
"You didn't clean this table"

"My job here was to tidy the floor, I reminded and he nodded his head

"Then get out,if you're done then but come here every morning to tidy my office before you do anything else in the morning" he ordered and I felt like I should put him in detention just like I do to the kids.

"I'm not your maid" I reminded him and he scoffed eyeing me all over like I'm a slave

    "Neither are you a slave"he snapped 

    "So there's no way i'll come to your office every morning before I do what I want to do! " I barked at him and he didn't say anything 

     He went back to what he was doing and as I opened the door, I saw female teachers clustered there on his doorway maybe eavesdropping at us

     They blinked their eyes at me and I was curious what they were at the door 

    "Are you his girlfriend? " Mrs Giselle suddenly spoke up and I choked with words and I turned back to glance at rat face and he didn't seem to care about what is happening 

    "Yes is he your boyfriend "one of the female teachers asked again and I forced my way out of them walking to my office

   Seriously? How can I be his girlfriend? How are we like that they thought am his girlfriend? 

  They are sick in the head 

. __________

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