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 🏥😷 Dr. Kim 🕵

🍆The hot 😳 doctor 🕴
               A neighbor next door🚪


               🌻Episode 10 🌻

Kim's POV

  What is she doing here? So she's really a teacher here? 

    This is too bad

  "You? " I pointed to her and she scoffed stepping closer to me

    "You know each other? " the principal asked 

  "Why won't we know each other, she's one of my crushers " I chipped immediately and she snapped in almost immediately 

     "Crushers! Why would I have a crush on someone who has a rat face? Tell me huh??? " 

    "Janet you and your rudeness be calm! " he ordered her and she hissed glaring daggers at me and I scoffed 

     She's so annoying, all the time

     "Well its good you both know each other Dr. Kim, I called you here earlier just to let you know that erm... She will be taking care of your little needs till you leave"

   What! Taking care of me? He's got to be kidding me
   This woman take care of me, then they should prepare for my grave someday because she will actually poison me someday 
"Here is a cup of coffee you requested for" she said dropping it on my table and I muttered a thanks to her

    I lifted the cup and drank from it and not long enough my whole body felt strange and she started laughing 

"Die! I poisoned it! Die you stupid rat faced doctor!! "
All my whole body shook just by that mere thought 

     "Principal you've got to be kidding me! I take care of this rat face, why would I do that? " 

     "What's wrong with it? Dr. Kim hope you're good with the idea or should I get another teacher for you? "

      "Yes get another teacher for him please, this time am begging " she pleaded and I scoffed again

      She really resent me this much? Likewise me too
    I never my next door neighbor teach here 

     "I'm fine with the idea " I said to the principal and she shouted 

"You're fine with the idea of I being your mother or rather sister or your lover or... "

"A lady who has a crush on me" I cut her short and she grinned badly at me before she brushed past me and walked out of the office 

Janet's POV 
They've got to be kidding me

I took in a deep breath as I came into mg office to see Mr. Smith in there making out with a young female teacher on his table

  When they saw me, they immediately acted as if nothing happened but I didn't want to care

  All I cared was how I was going to cope with a guy as rude as Kim Rat face

      I walked over to my own table and made my hand bag slump down on top of it.

I paced about for sometime when suddenly a teacher came in saying that Dr. Kim requested for my presence in his office right now

    "Tell him am not coming " I replied and she left 

  He shouldn't ask me to ever come to his office

He said we should never cross each others path so why is he requesting to see me

   Soon, I saw his head as it popped in to the office door and Mr. Smith called his attention and he barely nodded to him before he made a sign for me to come meet him

I grumbled before I went closer to him
   He asked me to follow him and I did till I reached his office to see a pile of scattered medical books and other stuffs on the floor

     "Clean them up"he ordered and I shouted 

     "What!!!! "

"Clean them up, I was looking for something and it all messed up so clean it up" he ordered again and I felt like I should punch that rat face of his



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