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Janet's POV

     I walked hastily into the school building ignoring the side greetings of the students 

   I checked my time at intervals as I walked and I gasped at what the time was


Am so damn late for classes for today, I bumped into a teacher and his books fell to the ground 

   I got angry

Why would he bump into me when he saw me coming huh? He can't say that he didn't see me even though I might not have seen him because I was in a hurry

    I fumed in anger that I matched those books on the floor walking past and he held me by my shoulder to draw me back and I pushed his hand off my shoulder

    "Janet you matched my books! "He said in a way of reminding me of what I did and I scoffed loudly at him 

     "So?? Oh sorry "I bent down and picked up his books and then with a scornful smile I threw them at his face grinning 

     "I picked them up and I'm sorry! Mr whatever your name is! " I spat and then brushed past him and walked away

     No one should annoy me this early morning,I don't want to be angry now because am late and I never want to be late on any occasion especially classes

    "Ta-da here my queen comes " I heard Mr. Smith say immediately I came into the office

   We both share the same office together so don't be surprised on why he was in my office

    I sighed and walked past to my own table which was opposite his
I dropped my handbag ontop of my desk and then held my forehead with my left palm throwing a glance to his side

   He winked at me and I smirked badly at him

    "You forgetting your birthday today again Janet" he said and I got confused 

    "Forgetting my birthday? Is today my birthday "I asked suddenly getting concerned 

    My eyes popped out and I immediately brought out my phone from my handbag to know if that's true and it was! 

    There were lots of birthday messages popping into my phone as I unlocked it

     I heaved deeply 

I don't know why I keep on forgetting my birthdays 

    "How old am I? " I soliloquized loudly to Mr. Smith's hearing and he bursted out into laughter

    "You can't even remember your age? Huh?? "

   Who asked this one to contribute?

  He's annoying me almost all the time, very soon I will ask for a change of office because I won't stay with people who loves poke nosing all the time

    "Really Janet, you can't remember your age? " 

    He laughed the more

     "You can't!... " he stopped and then started staring at the way am dressed up

      Why is he looking at me like that? What's wrong with my dressing today?

 I followed his gaze to my clothes too and nothing was wrong with the black straight skirt and yellow shirt I was putting on

   Or the heels? I looked at my red heels and nothing was still wrong with it 

  So why is he staring at me

    "What? "I asked and he cupped his mouth with his two hands probably trying not to laugh at me

     "What's this you're wearing, you are dressed like an old grandma! "
  He cursed and bursted into laughter but immediately I heard GRANDMA from his lips my mood changed immediately 

    I sighed angrily and then started walking over to his side, I saw a cup of hot coffee on his table.... 

    And smiled as a very weird thought came to my mind so I lifted the cup of coffee and..... 


I poured all the whole content on his head and he gasped.... 

      I threw the empty cup to his head and then walked out of the office still angry at what he said

     GRANDMA!! a whole me a grandma?? 

    "Janet"he groaned but who cares!! 

  I've warned him several times to shape his big mouth else I will cut it off for him myself 

     "Janet!!! "



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