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 πŸ˜΅πŸ˜΅ CRAZY

              STEP-SISTER πŸ‘§πŸ‘©

(πŸ™€πŸ˜± Madly in love with each other
             A love we never wished for πŸ’”πŸ’—

Dirty romance 


                🎯 Episode 41 🎯

*I love you Christine and I don't want to get separated from you*

*You can never be my sister! I want us to be more than brother\sister relationship 

*You're a virgin! I'm sorry if its hurt a lot

*Don't pack your hair anytime you're coming to school
   "Why? "
Because I don't want the students to see that you have such a beautiful neck

*Are you okay? Did that water splash on you? 

*Hop on my back, lemme carry you, you're so weak

*We can't be together Christine because I love Anna and we're siblings 

*Lemme help you tie your shoe laces Christine

*Believe me this one last time Christine, I love you my heart beats for you

*I love you Christine so much that my heart hurts alot because of the amount of love I have for you

*Believe me

*Believe me now Christine 

"Save him doctor save him " I threw my self at the doctor as he was pulled into the caesarian ward for surgery and it took him time to get me away from him

*I love your smile Christine, It makes you more beautiful when you smile

 The echo of his voice kept sounding in my head bringing more tears to my eyes

   I was so foolish to have doubts about his love for me

    My mom ran to me and hugged me kissing my hair many times 

    I weeped like I've never done before
    "Mom I don't want him to die! "

   "Its my fault Christine, its entirely my fault" she replied holding me tighter to herself

    "Its my fault mom, I hurt him"... 

*You're so beautiful! 
Then his smile which he always smile to me when he speaks to me 

      I glanced to where Ned stood and his head was bowed 

    He couldn't speak, no one could because no one want to loose Brendan especially me

I want to spend more time, live with him and grow old lying in his arms, 

     "Mother!!! " 

"Its okay Christine, I'm sorry to have doubted the both of you okay? " 

   "I'm sorry Christine, its all my fault, put all your blames on me, I accept it"

🎡Another day without your smile

🎢Another day just passes byπŸ“―

🎢 and now I know how much it means for you to stay right here with meπŸ”‰

πŸ”ŠThe time we spend apart will make our love grow stronger

 πŸŽΆbut its hurts so bad that I can't take it any longer 

🎢I wanna grow old with you

🎼I wanna die lying in your arms

🎡I wanna be looking in your eyes 

🎡I wanna be there for you.... 

   Who cares if we were once siblings 

It wasn't a love we wished for, I didn't want it neither did he want the love 

  🎢I wanna due lying in your arms

🎼I wanna be looking in your eyes, 

🎡sharing in everything in you do...




"Hey Christine! "

"Brother are you okay now? I thought you wouldn't come around " 

Brother? She called her brother? 

"Christine what happened to you? You called me your brother? "

"Yes or aren't you one? You used to call me your sister, hurry up let's meet up with mom and dad they're waiting for us, little Jessica is waiting for us " 

  Jessica? Who the hell is Jessica? Mom and dad?? 

Where am I? 

    Christine I know will never call me her brother, what happened to me? 

     "Come one take my hand let's go" she said bringing out her hand for me to take into mine and leave with her

    "C'mon take my hand bro"


    "Christine, you... You changed! "

"Did I? I never changed, let's go"

    "I can't go with you, you're not the Christine I know"

     "I am Christine"

"You're not! Christine never calls me brother but her heart, a thief who stole her heart away from her so you're not Christine"...... 

     I blinked my eyes twice before opening them

Christine called me her brother? So she never believed my love to the end

  I looked around me and I saw that I was in a hospital 
   I took my glares to a the couch and I saw Christine lying there in a very deep sleep and my heart skipped 

     I sat up carefully since all my body seemed sore and then supported my back with set of pillows

    Immediately she noticed movements around her, she opened her eyes and our eyes met

       Her mouth fell open and all her turned reddish and then her lips tore up into a smile
   A smile that I always loved seeing
     She stood up from the couch and then ran to me, falling so fully into my arms and I wrapped my arms around her back

      "Brendan I missed you so much! " she mumbled amidst her croaky voice and my heart beat faster

She didn't call me her brother? Did she? 

    She raised her head at me and searched for something on my face, something I think I needed too

   Her lips on mine and my lips in hers

     She lowered her face to my lips area till my lips touched hers.... 
    She kissed me like she have never done before before she broke off from the kiss
    "I thought I will never see you again Brendan, you almost died before my eyes " she complained jamming her forehead with mine

     "I missed you Brendan "

So at last I was never her brother? That means what I saw earlier was a dream? 

      I smiled at her slamming my lips against hers again once more....... 

. __________

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