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               STEP-SISTER 👧👩

(🙀😱 Madly in love with each other 
             A love we never wished for💔💗

Dirty romance 

              🎯 Episode 40 🎯


   I knew it! I knew there was something fishy about them 

     I couldn't find my words, I couldn't speak
    I kept on staring at the both of them 

     Brendan looks was like mine and that of Anna's was pure happiness 


    "B... Br.. Bre... Brendan"I stammered and my mind began to recall how we met for the first time we met

  The first smile Brendan gave me, the first compliment and then the first protection he gave me

  The first kiss and then the first tears he shed for me 
   The first s3x on the couch that he took my virginity 

  The first sickness he got because of me , the first unconsciousness he was because of me 

    The first piggy back he rode me, the first kiss he gave me on my hair

     Everything was true! 

   Then why would he love Anna all of a sudden

   Tears trickled out of my eyes and cleaned them off immediately storming out of the house.... 


She's misunderstanding me again

   I lost my mouth even though I badly needed them to say something 

 She followed me after all, 

     "Leave her for now, she's angry you can go later" Anna said and I glared at her angrily 

     I pushed her off me and ran after Christine and before I could reach home she was already home

     She was crying, she turned to look at me and then threw a bombshell at me even before I could explain myself to him

   I know who is doing this, her mom is the one doing am this but she won't believe me

     "Brendan I hate you! " 

"Christine let me explain myself "

"What are you explaining? I saw her kiss you and you didn't say anything, did you? " 

   "I was... "I kept mute
I had lost my voice again when I needed it again the most

    "All I know is that I love you Christine and you know that " I said instead

    "I don't know if you love me anymore Brendan and its hurting me that you don't love me anymore"

   "I love you, so stop saying that I don't! " I said holding her close to myself 

   What's happening? I caught a glimpse of Deanee eavesdropping at us and I knew she's aware of us 

    Anger boiled inside me, I now understood what she meant by we were going to come and beg her not to divorce again

      She's planned this and I handsomely fell into it twice

       "Brendan I loved you! "

"So do I Christine so much"

  "You don't and stop deceiving me!!! I hate you Brendan" she yelled in tears and my heart ripped apart

   I'm making someone I love so much cry, I hugged her and her whole body shook terribly as I held her 

      "I love you Christine! Know it and believe me this one last time "

      "I don't believe you anymore Brendan and I think we should break up "she said and my whole body shook in shock 

     She pushed herself away from me

"Let's break up, we will never be and.... Let's be siblings just like our parents wanted"

She can't say this! She doesn't mean this 

    "Christine I'm sorry, she forced herself on me"

"You went there aferall didn't you? "
"Because I wanted to confirm something if its true"

    "Let's be siblings Brendan else you will never stop breaking my heart" she said again and my heart broke into two pieces 

     "Christine listen, I love you "

I knew this would happen but I was afraid of it 

    "You said you won't leave me Christine "
"That's because I thought you loved me"

   "I love you, I fell in love with you right from the first time I saw you, I love you and I always will" I replied sincerely and she shook her head 

    "You dont Brendan at least I thought you did"

    "Should I prove my love to you? "I said searching around for something only my mind is telling to find

    And holla! What I looked was on the table beside an already peeled apple on the table

    I picked it up and she panicked seeing me holding it 

     "I will always love you Christine, you and you alone" I said that and then stabbed myself in the stomach with the knife I was holding 

     "No!!!! " She exclaimed and ran to catch me in her arms

   I smiled weakly to her with all the pain I was trying to keep inside me

   Blood gushed out and the pain increased, I coughed out blood 

     So I'm going to die? Am really dying for her 

    So will she believe me now that I love her so much

     She's someone who should never leave my side, all of that which happened earlier was a mistake and she should understand me now 

   Everyone should understand now that I love her so much 

    She sat down with my head on her lap as she weeped uncontrollably 

   She shouted about the house and Deanee and my dad came out to see me in my state

     "Ned! Brendan is dying call the ambulance?! " Christine yelled holding my head up in her palms

   I smiled to her through my pains, watching how caring she is about me

      "I believe you Brendan... Don't leave me.... Don't die.!!!!! " I heard her continuous voice till I blacked out.... 




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