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               STEP-SISTER 👧👩

(🙀😱 Madly in love with each other
             A love we never wished for💔💗

Dirty romance 

               🎯 Episode 39 🎯


I was passing by my dad's door when I heard Deanee on the call with Anna even though I wasn't sure if it was her but the way she spoke I knew it was her so I decided to be more careful

   Especially now that Christine is confused about my love for her, ei want her to trust me more than ever especially now that things are getting twisted

   She thinks I still love Anna and I know that I don't love Anna because my heart says that he doesn't its only pity that I have for her and I want to go her house today to confront her over what I heard yesterday on the phone with Deanee

      I waved a goodbye to Christine and left leaving her in her confused state... 


   A message popped into my phone and I checked it
It was from Christine's mom, I quickly read it

💬Brendan is on his way to his house 

The message read, and soon another message came in again from her

💬Seduce him

     Seduce?? I threw my phone aside at the mere thought of seducing him

💬Do it! 
Another message from her 

I agreed to do this with her because she said that it will help me get back Brendan to my side, that's why I agreed on this

So I stood up from my bed and went to my closet to get dressed.... 


He said I shouldn't go with him and I should watch my back because of my mom? 

   He's got to be kidding me because he's the one doing all this, seeing Anna and not my mom! 

    He likes Anna and yes I get it! He loves me and yes I know! 

     I bit hard and then decided to follow him from behind without him knowing about it

    I tip toed walking behind him and he always look back to know if someone is following him from behind him and he didn't see anyone following him until he boarded a taxi and I did same boarding another taxi still following his destination


I reached Anna's house and then came out, paid the taxi and then walked in to the house

   I met Jeanie inside the living room watching movies and I hollered at her and she scoffed before she said:

    "Anna is sick and can't come out" 

   She's sick? Fear gripped me and I took the stairs going into her room 

It wasnt hard finding her room because I knew her room before now

    I went in and what I saw was the opposite

   She was standing and backing the door so anyone coming in will be backed also by her posture

     Something else caught my attention, her crazy outfit 

       She sensed my presence in the room and then turned to face me she smiled and cat-walked towards me

     She gummed her body against mine and kissed me
    My eyes popped out and I even forgot about what I came for earlier 

     "What are you doing!!!!! Brendan!!!!! " I heard Christine's voice behind us and I gasped for breath

  The look in her eyes were so bitter that I felt that the ground should open immediately and swallow me.... 



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