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 πŸ˜΅πŸ˜΅ CRAZY 

               STEP-SISTER πŸ‘§πŸ‘©

(πŸ™€πŸ˜± Madly in love with each other
             A love we never wished forπŸ’”πŸ’—

Dirty romance 

               πŸŽ― Episode 38 🎯

     He fooled me or maybe he always fooled me 
    If he loved me enough, he wouldn't have done it or does he still love her? 

  Maybe he still does and he loves me, yes he does
   Is in his eyes 

I've seen it couple of times in his eyes and he loves me but.... 
    But Anna? 

  He loves her? 

    "Christine is not what you think... "He held my hand and drew me back to himself 
  I struggled out of his hold and pushed him aside 

     "What am I thinking? You love Anna don't you? "

"I don't! "

Lies! The first lie I think he ever told me
   If he doesn't love her then why did he go see her

     "I don't love her, she's my ex girlfriend and..... " he kept mute at that spot of AND

   "And? You love her? I know you love me, I can vouch for it but you love her too don't you? "

     He kept mute meaning that am right 
    Damn! Now I understand what my mom said about love doesn't always end well especially the case of I and Brendan 

     "Christine I only love you and my heart beat for only you"he assured me

    "I'm not sure of your heart right now... "I was saying when someone suddenly called him, I peeped into his phone and it was the same Anna

     "Pick up"I ordered him when I saw that he was trying to ignore the call 

    He shook his head unsure if he should really pick it up
   "Pick up, I said " I said for the second time and he picked up tye call bringing the phone closer to his ear

     I stood listening, 

   "I will be busy tomorrow " I heard Brendan reply her at whatever she said from the other end 

    I choked with jealousy

    "No, its not about her... "
He eyed me

   Her? She's referring to me, so they even talk about me huh?? 

I'm so much a fool

     "Anna please don't call me for now! " he ordered focusing his eyes on me

 Now? He should've said forever! 

    He hung up and faced me

"Christine you're misunderstanding something "

  Am I a kid? 

"Misunderstanding what and what?" I asked and he kept mute again

Why this sudden muteness of his this time around, what's come over him? 

    "Christine all I know is that I love you and only you " he said again and made to go 

  I drew him back with my hand and then said:

    "When I asked you earlier about where you were going, what was your fΓΉvking answer? " I reminded  him 

   He didn't speak or say anything, he just turned kissed me so hard on my lips and then went away leaving me more confused


I love the game am watching, this is what I shouldve done long ago 

They probably would've forgotten about each other by now. 
   I picked up my phone and paged Anna
     Soon, she was on the line with me 
πŸ“žHey Anna good job well-done for today"

   πŸ“žYes ma, but do you think Brendan will be alright? "

    πŸ“žOfcuz he will be, if you want him back, you will have to keep on pressurizing him 

   She sighed on the phone 

πŸ“žokay I will try and Christine? 

πŸ“žshe will be okay, I will send you some money 

πŸ“žreally, thanks 

πŸ“žits okay have a nice day
I hung up and sighed keeping my phone down

Next day, 


What's happening? What's wrong with him? Why is he being cold towards me, all he keep saying is that he loves me

     What is wrong? I paced about infront of his door till I saw him come out of his room again dressed up to go

    I became apprehensive

   "Where are you going? " I asked

"To see Anna, she has something very preciou.... "

   "I'm coming with you " I interrupted him

   I can't share him with anyone not someone like Anna

     "You want to come? "

"Yes I want to come with you"

     "You shouldn't "

"Why, are you by any chance avoiding me? Huh??, what did I do?? Huh? Is it because of what my mom said yesterday? Yiu hate then divorcing " I asked numerous questions 

   I'm afraid am loosing him already
    He drew me into a hug that calmed down my racing heart a bit and when she disengaged from the hug he kissed me and then said

    "You will understand later, watch your back, your mom is in for something bad" he said before he kissed me sending another confusion into my head..... 

. ___________



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