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              STEP-SISTER 👧👩

(🙀😱 Madly in love with each other 
             A love we never wished for 💔💗

Dirty romance 

                  🎯 Episode 33 🎯



  What do I do now? 

  What will I lie about now? 

  "Well.... Erm.... "I cleared my throat avoiding the curious gaze he was giving to me

    "Erm... The doctor said I should come back tomorrow"

    "Buh Dr Nelson..... "

"You dont seem happy that am pregnant are you? "I interrupted him and he swallowed up the words he wanted to say earlier 

     "I'm happ... "

"You dont seem so because you don't seem to care" I feigned soberness as I said so and he breathed hard maybe trying to find a suitable way to suit me

    "Its not what you're think... "

"What am I thinking? Huh what am I thinking? I didn't get myself pregnant did I? If you don't want us to keep the baby then we abort it" I uttered looking very far away from him

   He stepped closer to me and then gave me a hug patting my back repeatedly with his hands

"I'm sorry Deanee okay, but... "

"But what? You don't want the baby? " 

    "I need a baby, precisely someone made by both of us"he said and winked his left eye 
"Our baby made out of our love for each other " he smiled saying so and I felt relieved 

     I beamed for him too, Ned I know is back now 
  He's no longer cold towards me and I appreciate that 

     "I love you Deanee and our unborn child " he said and kissed my forehead 

     "I love you too" 
He wrapped his arms around tightly.... 


  I wouldn't let her go, I kept my head on her shoulders and that usual lovely scent penetrated its way into my nose and I inhaled it into my nostrils 

   Before exhaling the air 

Her scent is always lovely and warm! 

      I sniffed her neck repeatedly searching for that particular scent that tasted sweet to my nose, 

   I sniffed and sniffed till I found my head raising up from her shoulder going up to her head area

And I sniffed her hair and that sweet scent filtrated again into my nose and I found it! 

    Her hair!! 

   "What are you doing? "She asked me and I forced out a smile 

    "You're smelling me? Do I smell?? "


"Then why do you have that face? "

  "Because you smell so nice Christine" I admired and she frowned at me 

    She brought her hand up to her nose and smelled herself 

   "I smell horrible " she said with a disgusting look on her face and I shook my head in disapproval on what she's saying

    "You dont smell horrible, you smell so sweet" I admired and she frowned again at me

    "Buh... "

I hushed with a lush lip kiss on her lips 

     "You don't smell bad Christine got it?? "

   She blushed badly, 

Those blushes that I always love seeing on her cheeks whenever I praise her or admire her

    She brought her gaze to the dirty floor and... 

     "Lemme help you with it" she said and I nodded allowing her to help me take care of the dirty room

      I watched as she was so serious tidying the floor up and I smiled

      She's definitely a kind of person whom I should love, she know how to get at me all the time but its just a pity that I will have to break up with her soon

    I will find a way to be with her

    I will surely find a way.


Minutes later, all the whole place was all tidied up
  I yawned loudly standing up properly since I was squatting all this time and then looked around for Brendan

  I saw him on his bed already sleeping and I smiled
  He didn't get a wink of night sleep yesterday 

   How hard it is for him more than it is for me

    I walked over to his side so I could draw the blanket to cover him properly when he suddenly held my hand drawing me into the bed with him

    My heart skipped and beat faster as I was so close to him
   He made me lie beside him and then muttered:

   "Let's sleep together Christine " he said and then covered us with a blanket before he made my head lie on his chest as he wrapped his hand around my back 

   He kissed my forehead and then closed his eyes to sleep... 



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