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(🙀😱 Madly in love with each other 
              A love we never wished for💔💗

Dirty romance


Many years later, 


Emotional right? 

It ended so well for them

   Ned and Deanee broke up for their sake and... 

    Brendan and Christine were the best couple ever 
   He was discharged from the hospital and he kept on loving Christine even more than she ever loved him

About Anna

   No one knew of her and heard about her again after she left with her parents to the US

   They finished high school, went to college and then came out, 

  And future? 

He married her

   It was a day that they will never forget in their lives

  They gave birth to four kids

Two Brendans and two Christines
Cutest kids ever 

They lived in a very quiet surrounding in Derby, they raised their kids well

   And grandchildren, they had plenty of them and guess what! 

   They grew old together, had grey hairs and enjoyed their old age in each others arms

   They were really good together to the end..... 

"Brendan do you remember then when you piggy backed me? " she asked him as he lay down on the couch with his head on her laps

   "I remember that vividly, I can never forget every moment we both shared together "he replied smiling at her

   "It was an impossible love which became possible"

Their kids admire them so much and wish they could love like their parents 

     Especially their love story..... 

Another end of an amazing story? Loved it? 

Well, I want to say that no love is impossible 

Its left for you to define it and give it any name you want to call it

Brendan and Christine were the worst match ever but they defined their own love 

    So its left for you to define yours and stop judging other people's loves

Then give me a credit 😉😉😉

It was amazing and emotional right?? 

Love you😘

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