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   A Deal With Doctor Daniel
      (I don't want to loose you)

      💊💉 Episode 6💊💉

‘Hey stop it!! Ouch Kylie you're hurting my arm!'...Daniel laughed out loud as Kylie tried pummeling him to the ground..

‘Well you should have thought something else than bullying me,I might be pregnant but I pack a punch'..Kylie replied also laughing as she rested her head on this chest..

‘You know this is very nice'..He murmured and she turned around to kiss him on the mouth..

He quickly took off his shirt and went down to kiss the nape of her neck already turned on and ready for more but was stopped by the sound of the doorbell..

‘Babe go get the door'..Kylie whispered as he began unbuttoning her shirt..

‘The idiot can go to hell'..He said but still Kylie pushed him aside and went over to the door giggling like a schoolgirl...

She opened it and alas it was Danielle..

‘Hey there little demon' .She muttered..

‘Hey Kylie who looks like a football'.. Danielle replied in a playful manner and they both chuckled...

‘Danny what are you doing here?? Shouldn't you be in school??'..Daniel asked..

‘Ohh well I was expelled'..Danielle replied.


‘Yes expelled!! Apparently mom paid a teacher to give me an A+ in all of my subjects which wasn't warranted for!! Now the head found out and I've been expelled'..

‘Ohhh God why does mom always do this?!! Okay so I guess you ran away from home which Is totally understandable so why don't you take your bags upstairs'..Daniel said raking his dark hair and Danielle nodded as she left..

‘Your family is f**ked up"..Kylie whispered..

‘Yeah I know'..He replied..


Three hours later Daniel walked out of the Walmart and proceeded towards His car which he parked in an alley because he didn't want to get a ticket..

Just as he opened the door,three strippers out of nowhere surrounded him and then Clarice took a picture...

‘Clarice what on Earth are you doing???'..He asked and she smiled..

‘What happens if I send this to your girlfriend??'..



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