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   A Deal With Doctor Daniel
      (I don't want to loose you)

      💊💉 Episode 4💊💉

The word D-I-A-B-E-T-I-E-S rolled of of Marie's mouth slowly to Kylie and immediate she heard it she bursted into tears...

‘Diabetes??I mean how can I have diabetes it's not even possible!! I try my best to eat healthy and the only crave I get is Cheetos and coffee!!, How can i have diabetes when pregnant and not see the signs??'..

‘I am also confused with the results but you have to be strong Kylie,you have to be very strong not just for me but for also your baby,you're going to be okay'..Marie reassured her but she wasn't taking any chances..

‘Can you please get Daniel here?? I want him to know what's going on'..She said and Marie nodded leaving..


‘Where is she?!! Where is she?!'..Daniel ran down the hallway in fear and then opened the door to where Kylie was..


‘The tests say I have diabetes Daniel,I have diabetes'..Kylie whimpered and he immediately wrapped his arms around her...

‘Oh my God Kylie I'm so sorry this is all my—

‘No it's not your fault Daniel,don't blame yourself it's not your fault'..

‘But it is my fault Kylie if only I wasn't so eager to have a family with you then i—

‘Daniel it is not your fault and I'll say this over and over again until you listen to me, it's not your fault okay?? We are still going to have a family and I'm still going to carry this baby got that?? Please don't be afraid or anything I'm going to be fine'..She reassured him and he kissed her forehead..

‘I don't want to loose you Kylie and you know that,if I loose you I'll kill myself'..He said with his voice already hoarse due to the fright he was feeling..

‘You won't loose me Doctor Daniel,you won't loose me and we are going to find a solution to this'..She whispered and kissed his forehead back...

‘I love you Kylie'..

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