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   A Deal With Doctor Daniel
      (I don't want to loose you)

      💊💉 Episode 5💊💉

The next morning Kylie's morning sickness became worse as she panted heavily and short of breath while Daniel kept sleeping on the bed..

She managed to get to the bathroom and tried opening the cabinet but was too weak to do so and instead she crashed to the ground..

Daniel instantly woke up by the sound of the crash and rushed over only to see Kylie on the floor with all over the place and her eyes looking heavy lidded..

‘Oh my God why didn't you tell me I'd have gotten it for you??'..He muttered helping her to her feet..

‘I...I didn't want to wake you up...m... morning sickness'..She rasped and he sighed deeply....

Things were going much more harder than he thought..

‘Babe are you hungry?? I'll make you some breakfast'..He asked..

‘As long as it doesn't contain any high level of sugar in it and it's healthy I'll eat it'..She replied and he couldn't help but feel bad for her..

The next five months was going to be hard and not just for him but for the both of them and he wasn't sure he could even bear it..



‘Can you please not go to work today?? Please stay home with me??'..She asked and he smiled...

‘Of course I'll stay home with you'..


‘But we had a deal didn't we??'..The lab scientist said to Clarice whose leg was on his table..

‘Yeah I know we had a deal but I've got a better deal for you instead'..She replied and his eyes brightened..

‘Are you adding another thousand to my pay??'..He asked smacking his lips like an hungry lion.. 

‘Ohh well I could add a thousand to your pay or I could decide to give you nothing at all'..She muttered and he frowned....

What did she mean by that statement?,he thought..

‘I don't—

‘I have evidence of you changing the test results of Kylie young man and you might loose your license or go to jail if someone finds out and you let a poor girl think she has diabetes'..Clarice said..

‘You f**king bit*h!!'..He yelled and she chuckled ..

‘Yeah I know right?? But I'm going to make this easier for you doctor,the next time Kylie comes in make sure you do something to place this vial in her medication and then I'll reconsider'...

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