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   A Deal With Doctor Daniel
      (I don't want to loose you)

      💊💉 Episode 3 💊💉

‘Oh my God you're so problematic'...Daniel rolled his eyes as Kylie walked into his office looking very clean, beautiful and polished unlike the way he saw her that earlier morning...

‘What babe?? Now I look good you claim I'm problematic? Anyways I'm not here to see you'..She replied looking around for something...

‘So if you're not looking for me who are you looking for then??'..He asked and she frowned deeply..

‘Hospital coffee'..She said and he chuckled loudly..

‘Okay you're acting clownish,what's the difference between house coffee and hospital coffee?? It's all the same!!'..

‘Well hospital coffee tastes better than house coffee everyday and you wouldn't know this cause you're always thinking of having s*x'..She snarled and he backed away in feign surrender...

‘Hey you're really snappy come here and give me a kiss'..He crooned and she smiled..

‘Get me hospital coffee and a bagel??'..She asked..

‘Yeah but first come here'..He replied and leaned her closer for a very deep and soulful kiss..

‘Mmmmh that's better than coffee'..She whispered and turned to leave..

‘Huh where are you going??' .He asked..

‘Check up,I wanna go see how the baby is doing'..She replied and his mouth dropped...

She should've just told him she was going for a check up instead of saying hospital coffee??..

His girlfriend was a piece of work and he knew that fact pretty well..


‘Okay let's see here,lie down on your back'..Nurse Marie now Doctor Marie told Kylie who did as she was told without hesitation..

‘I am so happy you're no longer a nurse Marie'..She said and Doctor Marie smiled..

‘And I am so glad you're back in Daniel's life cause he was miserable without you'..She said and it was Kylie's turn to smile and in a few minutes the urine result from the lab came..

‘So what's up??'..Kylie asked..

‘Well from the looks of it it seems like...oh..oh no no no this is not good'..Marie replied with a perturbed look on her face..

‘What is the problem?'..Kylie asked again..

‘Well it seems like you have diabetes Kylie and it's not good'..

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